Pontiac Sunfire

How do you remove a thermostat on a 1998 Pontiac Sunfire?

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2006-09-12 12:39:14

Facing the front of your car! Look for a hose at the top of your

radiator. Follow the hose to where it is clamped on too a fitting

on you engine. Loosen the clamp. pull back the hose, you will find

2 bolts on the fitting going to the engine. Remove the bolts, the

fitting should come right off. If not! LIGHTLY tap the fitting then

remove it. The themostat will be sitting right there! Take it out,

make sure you romove any of the old gasket from the fitting and

block. Put a light film of perm a gasket or anu type of gasket

sealer on the fitting and on the block. Set the new thermostat in

the hole, tighten down the fitting (do not over tighten) attach and

clamp the hose back on, add fluid. After you car warms up, then

check to make sure the nuts or bolts ar secure! You should be on

your way! This should take no more then about 15 minutes.

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