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This is a specialist job and needs to be handeled by one, Sometimes the head needs to come off. Take it to a garage.

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Q: How do you remove a tight broken and possibly stripped spark plug from a Dodge Ramcharger?
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How do you remove the 3 spark plug that's stripped-broken on your 2001 Chevy Malibu It is very hard to get to it because there's not much room between the firewall and cylinder?

You will have to take the 2001 Chevy Malibu to a mechanic to have stripped and broken plugs removed. It needs a special tool to get the broken ones out.

What size is the rusty nut and where can you get a socket to fit the nut?

Sears sells a special socket to remove rusted, stripped and broken nuts.

How do you remove the drivers side door glass?

Unless the glass is broken then there is no reason to remove it. If you have a problem it is possibly the motor or regulator.

How do you remove a front axle shaft in a 1988 dodge ramcharger 4x4?

like you do in any other vehicle

How do you remove the caliber pin if it has been a stripped out?

use an easy out

How do you remove a stripped nut on a bicycle?

Same way you do on a car.

How do you remove a stripped plug from the rear end?

kill your self

How do I remove a stripped head on a brake caliper bolt?

eat it

Why does your window crank slip when you roll down your driver side front window on your 1991 Saturn SL2?

The window crank slips because the regulator gear has most likely stripped. You will need to remove the outer door panel to verify for sure but unless the crank is broken (It would fall off if it was) the regulator is stripped

How do you remove a stripped screw?

If the screw is stripped then the threads are not holding and can be removed with pliers. If your asking, about the head being stripped, then you take a hack saw blade and cut a new slot in it,this way you can use a slotted screw driver to remove it. If it is locked in and does not come out, you will have to drill it out with a drill bit that is smaller then the thread size.

How do you remove broken antenna on a 2003 Saturn ion?

how to remove and replace broken antenna on a 2003 Saturn ion

Bath tub spout works but not shower spout?

the diverter knob is either stripped or the diverter itself itself may be broken turn the water supply off take the knob off a carefully remove the diverter shaft if the flapper is missing look inside the housing for the broken piece then take the name and model down to home depot or similar home store and someone will be able to match it up,. but my money is on the stripped knob

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