How do you remove a union where you work?

In order to remove a Union at your work place you must contact the National Labor Relations Board,they will have all the legal information that you would need in order to remove the union from your work place..Once you do that you will need to collect dated signatures from all employees that wish to dissolve the union,it will take on average 35-50 % of the union members signatures to dissolve the union. It can be a long legal process to remove a labor union.

However if you are in a state that has the "right to work" laws,which allow people to be employed without requiring them to joining the Union, then it is a simple matter of an employee deciding if they wish to remain a union employee or becoming a non-union employee. This done by simply signing out of the union and not paying the union dues/fees. When enough union members sign out and leave the union it will eventually dissolve itself.