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How do you remove a wart?

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"The_Skinny_on_Wart_Removal" id="The_Skinny_on_Wart_Removal">The

Skinny on Wart Removal

WikiAnswers contributors share their tips:

  • Put duct tape on and leave for 3-4 days. Remove the tape and

    soak the area in Epsom salts and warm water for 15 minutes and

    remove the extra skin, which is now dead.

  • Repeat process as necessary. (This also works on plantar warts,

    which some people can get on the bottom of their feet.)

  • If it is stubborn, go to the doctor. You can also buy wart

    removal kits at a drug store.

  • I agree duct tape works. If it is a stubborn wart, however, try

    a little piece of banana peel over the wart and under the duct

    tape. It sounds silly but after treating a stubborn wart on my

    son's hand with just the duct tape, we tried it and finally got rid

    of it.

  • Try putting some liquid nitrogen on it. (Use some Dr. Scholl's

    "Wart Freeze Away.")

  • Try using some Compound-W.
  • I heard you can dip it in cow's milk for 2 days.
  • You could try an over-the-counter wart remover. They come in

    creams, medicated bandages, and freeze-off kits. If it persists or

    is large in size, a doctor can freeze or cut it off to get rid of


  • A health professional usually removes a wart by a method called


  • In the Philippines, there are cashew trees. Take a leaf (as

    well as the sap) and apply it on the EDGE of your warts. Don't

    rinse it. Leave it and do it daily... On the 21st day, you can now

    easily remove the wart painlessly.

  • Use vitamin E oil on the wart. You can get it in a pharmacy and

    it really works.

  • Try some apple cider vinegar under the duct tape.

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