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Login with "administrator" account, go to control panel > User account > change as you wish. For internet Explorer (IE): Open IE > Tools > Internet Options > Content tab > make changes in "Auto Complete". On the General tab> Temporary Internet Files> select Delete files, cookies & check delete offline content.

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Q: How do you remove all the auto logins and passwords and personal settings from a computer?
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What types of viruses does the AVG scan recognize?

AVG scan recognize trojan horse viruses that have found their way onto a computer. These types of viruses have the capability of changing files on a computer, stealing data such as personal details, passwords and credit card information,keyboard logins, as well as installing malware, which can freeze a computer.

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As far as I know a number of logins is limited by your computer resources but not by operating system.

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Every device can be registered under account settings. Registering the devices used for Facebook enables monitoring of the account logins and prevents steeling of personal data.

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You can set up new employee logins on your networked computers by going to user settings, and adding users. As well, you can have your IT help you with this.

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It is easily accessible by other users who share the computer. They have to manually turn off desktop. It is recommended for personal computers with seperate user ID logins. It is not recommended for public computers

How do you prevent information about your computer being leaked via javascript?

Most browsers allow you to disable cookies. This would prevent any javascript function from collecting data about your computer. Unfortunately, cookies can be very useful. They remember logins and passwords for you, and can help make a webpage more interactive. As long as you stay on safe websites, you shouldn't worry about javascript cookies.

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To show saved password for a website in Safari for Mac OS X, follow below steps: 1. From the Safari app, go to the Safari menu and choose Preferences 2. Choose the Passwords tab 3. Click the checkbox for Show passwords for selected websites - this requires the administrator password to be entered for the Mac 4. Choose the website from the list whose password you wish to reveal, then choose to Allow when permission is requested to reveal that logins password

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faillog -u [username]

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Which log in event viewer would you use to find out about attempted logins to a computer?

page 698]The Security logadministrator sets to monitor user activity such as successful or unsuccessful attempts to access a file or log on to the system.

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