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How do you remove an AC compressor pulley that's frozen on a 1994 Chevy S-10 pickup 6 cylinder?

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It probably is the compressor that is locked up. If it is ok until the a/c is turned on, the compressor is locked up. If it is just the pulley bearing a special puller is required to remove the pulley and bearing.

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How can you bypass a air conditioning compressor pulley on a 1997 Pontiac Bonneville?

Google Pontiac boneville ac compressor bypass pulley. There are a few places that sell a replacement pulley that goes in the spot of the compressor that allows use of the original serpentine belt.

Is it ok to drive a 1999 Honda crv with an ac compressor problem?

Yes, UNLESS the belt pulley is frozen and doesn't revolve (i.e.: freewheel) easily. If the compressor simply does not work properly, or is out of Freon the activation switch will not turn it on.

How does an auto ac compressor clutch work?

A clutch for an automotive air conditioning compressor is composed of three parts. the magnetic coil the pulley the hub the magnetic coil is mounted on the front of the compressor and nestles closely insid the pulley. the Pulley is mounted on the bearing mount extension of the compressor the hub is fastened to the end of the input shaft of the compressor. It normally sits slightly above the surface of the pulley When current is introduced into the coil, the coil becomes magnetic. Then the magnetism is transferred into the pulley and it pulls the hub down to engagement.

Can you bypass the ac compressor on a 96 Volkswagen Jetta?

yes you can, just go buy an ac bypass pulley, pull your compressor, and put pulley in its place

How can I bypass air conditioning compressor pulley on a 1995 Honda civic with a shorter belt?

remove compressor put a bypass pulley in its place replace belt

Where are the timing marks on a 1995 Escort 4-cylinder?

One is on the crankshaft pulley the other is on the camshaft pulley.

How do you bypass ac on 2000 Grand Caravan 3.8?

You remove the ac compressor and install a pulley bypass kit from a part store.You remove the ac compressor and install a pulley bypass kit from a part store.

Where is the compressor clutch in 1997 GMC Safari?

It should be right on the front of the compressor - usually the clutch is inside the v-belt/serpentine pulley on the compressor

Where is idler pulley on 1998 Ford Escort 1.9 engine?

The idler pulley is between the alternator and the A/C compressor.

Where is the compressor located on a 97 Ford Escort?

The A/C compressor is located on the bottom of passenger side of the engine. It is the unit between the crankshaft pulley and the idler pulley. It is driven by the serpentine accessory belt.

Where is the Location of tension pulley on 2000 Ford Ranger 6-cylinder?

The tension pulley is centerline with the engine and at the very top of the belt routing.

How can you bypass air conditioning compressor pulley on a 1995 Lincoln town car?

hey had this same prob u cant bypass it but you can buy a bypass pulley but gotta remove the compressor i tried to bypass with a belt but its not enough tension so get the pulley and your good to go

Why is your ac compressor smoking when ac is on?

The Air conditioning compressor is likely seized. There is a clutch in the pulley that engages the compressor when the A/C is turned on. You can easily check the compressor (with engine off make sure the pulley has had time to cool off as it will be very hot) Try to turn the most center part of the pulley. If you cannot turn it by hand the compressor is seized. The smoke was MOST likely from the serpentine belt rubbing on the seized pulley when the A/C compressor was engaged. Please note that the same belt drives the power steering pump. This belt will be destroyed from the heat and must be replaced to prevent a possible steering failure.

Where is cylinder 1 on vw jetta 2.0 engine?

The cylinder. Positions are marked on the main front pulley. Manually turning the pulley to the number one position and the number one cylinder will be in position.

Where is the AC tension pulley for a 2000 Chevy Metro?

you dont adjust a tension pulley you adjust the position of the compressor to tighten the belt

Where is a pulley and belt used?

pulley an belt are used in driving camshaft,alternator,water pump,air pump, compressor in a car.

Where is ac compressor on Jeep Cherokee?

The a/c compressor is located on the top passenger side of your pulley system. It is right above your alternator.

How do you replace the clutch on the ac compressor on a 1999 mercury villager?

generally u dont replace clutch as it is more prudent to just get a used compressor from junk yard. you will need a pair of snap ring pliers. 1. remove nut on compressor shaft and remove clutch plate. 2. remove snap ring holding pulley on compressor. 3. use two screwdrivers on opposite sides of pulley to help slide off pulley.

Can you bypass the ac compressor on a Kia Sedona?

You will need to buy a replacement free-wheeling pulley that goes in place of the seized a/c compressor......

When I turn on the ac om my 2000 Nissan altima it makes a extremely loud squeaky noise from the engine?

i hate to be the bearer of awful news. 80% probability that the A/C compressor is stuck, the crank inside the compressor is frozen, and that you're hearing the drivebelt squeal around a pulley that just ain't turnin'. the ac compressor is the one belt-driven component that's not supposed to run continuously along with the engine. it only runs when you use the ac. that's why the pulley has an electric clutch that engages when you turn the ac on.

How do you adjust the air conditioner idler pulley on a 95 Geo metro?

you dont adjust the pulley you move the compressor,there are two bolts you loosen then an adjustment bolt you screw it or out to move the compressor retighten all bolts and recheck tension

How do you tell which is cylinder 3 on a Daewoo Leganza?

#3 is third cylinder from the pulley end of engine.

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