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How do you remove an egg stain from vinyl siding?

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Since egg stains on vinyl siding are extremely difficult to remove (not even high volume power-washing will take it off) you have nothing to lose by trying this before having to replace that section of vinyl siding:

Mix some non-abrasive filler such as sanding dust with an enzyme laundry detergent and spread a past of this over the affected surface. Cover it with plastic wrap to keep the past damp for as long as possible. Then rise off the surface. The theory behind this solution (told by a vinyl siding expert) is this solution is to have the enzymes stay active and in contact with the spots for a while so that the paste has a chance to soften them. It is much like soaking a cooking pan to remove baked-on food debris. It is also the approach recommended for removing dried on egg stains from the side of a home. You may also use the mr.clean magic earsers to clean dried egg off.

If this doesn't work, then take a piece of siding from another part of the house (that has aged) to match the piece you want to replace. This is less costly than replacing a larger area (color change would be brighter and stick out like a sore thumb) or, paint it. If you want to pain this part of the house then see your hardware store dealer and ask for advice on what paint to use.

2010-06-06 21:36:41
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Q: How do you remove an egg stain from vinyl siding?
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