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that is a very large question. i like to remove engine and transmission as an assmebly. dont make the job harder than ness. dont just tear ass. most all wiring will unplug at major connections. leaving the enginge wiring intact and on the engine. easier to swap to new engine in the open and not in the engine bay. also easier to wrestle transmission alignment in the open. and surprise, you can get to all of the bolts. it may seem like more work but is not . hastle is a big factor in a big job and this will cut down on that.

You should purchase a CHILTON or HAYNES maintenance manual. They will show you how to do it.

As well as disconnecting all the wiring, hoses, and belts from above, you will also have to remove the two drive axles for the front wheels.

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Q: How do you remove an engine from a 1991 Honda Accord?
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