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If the tampon is at the top of your vagina, the easiest way to remove it is to squat down, bear down, and try to insert two fingers to grab it between them like scissors. If you aren't able to do so, see your health care provider or your local family planning agency. They have heard this complaint before, and will be able to help in a matter of minutes.

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Q: How do you remove an impacted tampon?
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Is it normal to remove a tampon and have lots of fluid come out?

Yes, it is normal to see lots of menstrual flow coming out when you remove a tampon. A tampon is literally a plug of absorbent material, although it absorbs a lot of the flow some will collect behind the tampon and as such will leak out when you remove the tampon.

Why does a tampon have a string?

Some tampons have strings in order to make it easier to remove the tampon. Not all tampons have strings, to remove you would insert clean fingers into the vagina to grab the tampon and pull out.

What if I can't reach the tampon to get it out?

If you can't reach the tampon to remove try using your vaginal muscles to push the tampon further down and squat. If that fails then you have to ask someone else to remove the tampon for you or go to the doctor to have it removed.

Do you got to a gynecologist to remove a tampon?

If you can't remove a tampon yourself then you can ask a friend or family member to help you. If you still cannot remove the tampon then yes, you go have to go to a doctor like your gynecologist to remove the tampon or else you risk serious health problems like TSS or severe vaginal infection.

How can you remove a tampon if the strings are lost?

Tampons strings make tampon removal easier, but they are not essential - there are many tampons and other sanitary products like menstrual cups or softcups which don't have strings. All you do to remove a tampon without the string is reach into your vagina and remove the tampon with your fingers.

How do you know if you have a tampon stuck in you?

Tampons cannot get stuck inside your body, you can forget about having inserted a tampon but that doesn't mean that it's stuck. If you suspect you may have left a tampon inside your vagina then you feel within the vagina for the tampon and remove it. Once you remove the tampon use pads for the rest of that cycle, and if you can't remove the tampon you need to see your doctor.

Do you take out the tampon applicator when you use a tampon?

You first put your thumb and middle finger on the applicator and insert the tampon. Make sure the tampon goes all the way in and only the string is hanging out. Then remove the applicator and throw it away.

Is it easier or harder to remove a used tampon?

In theory it should be easier to remove a tampon. When you come to remove a tampon it will be saturated with blood, assuming you've used it correctly, so it will be softer and better lubricated so there is less friction upon removal.

What if your tampon splits inside and the other doesnt come out?

If your tampon tears - which rarely happens - then all you need to do is insert your fingers vaginally to remove the rest of the tampon. If it's just a small bit of tampon the vagina may clean it out itself, but otherwise you should go to your doctor to remove whatever is left if you can't remove it yourself.

Can you pee with a tampon in or do you have to take it out to pee?

.the tampon fits into the vagina, and the urine comes out of the bladder into the urinary tract, so do not worry, you can urinate without having to remove the tampon.

Is it normal to hurt while removing a tampon?

It is not normal for it to hurt when you remove a tampon. Be sure you're pulling the tampon out at the same angle you inserted it rather than pulling straight down.

How do you put on and remove a tampon if you never got your period?

I hope you are not wearing a tampon when not on a period. This is unhealthy and if you are just starting your period you should not be using a tampon until you are older. The tampon box gives written as well as a diagram of how to put in a tampon. Follow the directions and read the warnings. This is very important.

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