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Once you have ironed the transfer it IS NOT possible to remove it.

Firstly you must cover the transfer with a normal piece of a4 (or larger depending on the size) paper and reverse the material... you then iron onto the back of the shirt (assuming the transfer is on the chest) for about 1:30 min, or until you are sure that the transfer is extremely hot... at this point you can reverse the shirt and peel off the paper... the transfer should peel off with it.

Now if you wish to remove the residue glue, run the shirt through a wash with some nappy san..

Happy Ironing!

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How can you remove most of an ironon off a sweat shirt?

You could try burning it off with an iron, other than that, you can't.

Can you use Canon PIXMA MP280 for tshirt printing?

Yes, you can try Canon's TR-301 T-Shirt Transfer paper

How do you remove the transfer case from the transmission in a 1996 Chevy blazer 4x4?

Remove all wires attached to the transfer case. Remove the driveshafts. Drain the fluid out of the transfer case. Place a transmission jack under the transfer case. Unbolt the transfer case from the transmission. Unbolt the crossmember the transfer case rests on.

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How can you remove a t-shirt transfer?

use an iron directly on the transfer

How do you stick logo onto a tshirt?

Probably best to go for a transfer or vinyl transfer printing process (or perhaps embroidery), you could possibly buy a home kit on the internet.Check out the related link for info on printing custom tshirts with logos.

How do you print a T-shirt with a normal printer?

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Do you have to remove a transfer case when installing a transmission?

Yes you will have to remove the transfur case first.

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How to peplace A RANGER transfer case SHIFT MOTOR

How do you remove tape residue from a tshirt?

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Where is transfer case plug on a 2001 dodge 3500?

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