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How do you remove and install an ignition cylinder in a 1992 Delta Eighty-Eight Oldsmobile?

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January 15, 2007 5:34AM

They are same special tools what u can order them from the net or maybe u can find them at autoparts, i have the same problem , but i just wait like that for a while i use the screwdriver :) .....Good Luck ... Evidently,you have lost your keys lol.With keys removal very easy,without can be pain,Hopefully you have already purchased the new cylinder.Instructions should come with cylinder.You will need a steering wheel puller,roughly cost is about 12 bucks.You might also need a set of star drives. Set aside the day for removal,should take roughly 3 hours if all goes right,but extra time helps so not to get frustraded.Phillips and flat heads,adjustable wrench or correct size for steering wheel nut.Put parts in order as taking off,hence the first parts should be farthest away from you. If it has a release hole,use a straightened out paper clip this is the best case scenario without key. If it has locking pin and cylinder needs to be in run position to depress pin.Heres where the fun begins, everywhere you read will say drill the pin.Dont,go to the hardware store and purchase 2 dremel cone grindstones.Use these with a drill and grind the pin.Using a drill bit will just tear up the soft metal around it.Trust me on the 2 grindstones,you will need 2.By now cylinder should move just a tad.you can tell if pin is holding it up or not.Your not done yet,take a 3/8s drill bit and drill dead center of key hole.Make sure you have new cylinder in hand so that you know if drilling into anything but cylinder.Cylinder should fall apart in about 3 pieces.Remove those pieces,kind of match up with new to make sure all is out.Figure at least an hour on drilling center of cylinder.Wipe inside out to remove debri,light oil new cylinder with 3 in one.Slip in and start up.Put everything back together. Good luck,sounds hard but after you finish it you will realize not to bad.