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How do you remove and install doors on a 1989 Ford Tempo?


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2011-09-13 06:14:30
2011-09-13 06:14:30

without looking you will need an impact driver to loosen bolts. often times Phillips head- may be others. it is a screwdriver (takes certain size bits) hit it with a hammer to increase torque load and twist great little tools and relatively cheap.

I'll try this from memory:

The doors are held on with four 13mm bolts. Take off the bolts, but leave the hinges on the car, as this will be the best for alignment of the replacement doors. First you have to take off the interior door trim panels and unplug all electrical compoments. Now the wire hareness needs to be loosened from the door. The idea is to leave the harness attached to the car. I don't think this car has a disconnect plugs inside the car, but its always best to use the harness on your car and not the one that came with the used door. Once you have the old one off and the replacement on, just tighten the top bolt snug, leaving the other three loose. Shut the door and notice the door gap. By pusing the bottom of the door in or out, will give you the adjustment you need. Snug the bottom bolt and do the same with the top bolt and top of the door. When done torque all bolts to specs.


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