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This is a big ugly job. I recommend using a shop manual to assist with the job. First disconnect the battery, then drain the coolant. Next you will need to remove the dashboard (instrument panel). There are several mounting points on top (3), sides (2) and around the centre (6 or 9), glovebox (4). You will aslo need to remove the steering wheel, drop the panel underneath the steering column, remove the vent cross tube, then drop the column (held in place with 4 nuts). The instrument cluster needs to be removed (5 screws hold the facia or trim bezel); rememebr to disconnect the speedometer cable). Also, disconnect the heater control cables from the heater box control arms (they should snap out). Once the complete dashboard has been removed you now have access to the heater box. Disconnect the heater hoses from the heater pipes underneath the hood. If the hoses have never been done before, you may have to cut the hoses off, as the rubber may have bonded to the brass tubes. The heater box is bolted to the firewall with 4 bolts. Once the bolts are unscrewed you should be able to pull the heater box out. The box is held together with U shaped spring clips that can be pried off. The temeprature control valve is located on the left side of the box and should be removed prior to taking the box apart. The heater core can then be slid out of the heater box and repaired or replaced as required. You need at least 5 hours for the removal and 6 hours for the re-installation. Good luck! Malcolm

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Q: How do you remove and replace a heater core on a 1988 Mazda 323 SE and do you need any special tools?
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