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Following is the procedure for removing the (driver's) door panel on a 1997 Aurora. It is likely to be the same for the passenger front door, and for other model years of the first-generation Aurora.


a) metric wrenches, sockets or nut drivers (or, as last resort, a small adjustable wrench).

b) medium size Phillips screwdriver. (Also, if you are planning further adventures in the door, like fixing or adjusting the latch, you will need Torx screwdrivers (also known as T-head screwdrivers) of the right size (which I don't know off the top of my head), available at many auto parts and hardware stores. Torx bolts are unfortunately becoming more common on cars.

c) two tiny flat-blade screwdrivers for prying purposes.


a) with one of your tiny screwdrivers, pry up the small round plastic cover behind the inside door-pull handle.

b) with your Phillips screwdriver, loosen and remove the bolt under the cover that attaches the panel to the door.

c) gently pry loose the rounded plastic piece under the pull-handle and remove (it wiggles out).

d) with your wrench, remove the two small metric bolts at the bottom of the door panel.

e) gently lift the door panel UP and out. At this point, three or four wire harnesses will remain connected to the panel from behind. Either disconnect them (hint: use your small screwdrivers to gently release the appropriate clips on the plastic connectors. Try not to break the clips, but if you do, it's no big deal (I broke one) ) or support the door panel so that it's NOT hanging by the wires, since that can lead to bad or intermittent connections that will drive you crazy.

Installation is the reverse of removal (I love that phrase ... so convenient). Start by inserting the two larger bottom "hooks" on the inside of the door panel, then move up the panel fitting the smaller hooks, then push down on the panel to seat the hooks. You may have to adjust the location of the wires and connectors, which are supposed to attach to hoop and look fittings on the panel so it fits properly.

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Q: How do you remove and replace the door panel on your 97 olsmobile aurora?
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