How do you remove and replace the hood ornament on a BMW?

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The ornaments or "roundels" as they are called are pressed into two rubber grommets.

You will need a long thin (longer the better) flat bladed screwdriver to prise with and then something firm and thin to put between the screwdriver and the hood/trunk of the car so as not to dent or scratch the paint. I have used cardboard, rubber mat, or a tightly folded paper towel.

Slide the blade end of the screwdriver under one side of the roundel (Doesn't matter where you start.)and then place your cardboard, rubber etc under the screwdriver as close to the blade as possible.

Gently press down on the handle of the screwdriver taking care to not dent or scratch the paint. Repeat the procedure at regular intervals around the roundel until it comes loose.(like every 90 degrees or so) Some can be very tight so have patience and be gentle and it will come loose.

Once you have the roundel out you can wipe out the dirt and grime that has accumulated.

Installation is very easy. Align the studs on the bottom of the roundel with the rubber grommets and press in using even pressure around the whole roundel. I use both hands and put fingers all around to distribute the load.

Once it's in flush, stand back and admire.....That's what I did!


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