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You have to remove the door panel. Have tape or suction cups made to hold windows in place, and keep the window in the up position. If your window motor died while the window was down, like mine did, it can be pushed back up manualy, after you remove the window from the control arm. After removing the door panel, you have to remove the window from the crontrol arm. Having small hands, and a helper is a must for this job. You have to drill out the original bolts, or use a chisle, that hold the control arm in the door. The whole unit should come out the bottom hole on the door. (this is where you need your helper to pull the window back up) You again have to drill out the original rivits holding the motor on the control arm. The replacement motor should have new bolts and nuts to replace them with.(I got replacement motors from NAPA, and they were cheap) The first time you do this it is VERY time consuming. But if all your window motors went out at the same time, like mine did, you get really good at it on the second and third one :)

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Q: How do you remove and replace the right front window motor and control arm on a 1997 Buick Skylark?
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