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How do you remove compressed old files?

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Run the disk cleanup wizard. The wizard can be found from start menu Start>Programs>Accessories>System Tools>Disk Cleanup Run the wizard and select the drive u want to cleanup If there are compressed old files in ur system, they can be removed at the end of the wizard.

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What does 'compress old files mean'?

Compress old files means that some files the windows system thinks you havnt accessed for a while (such as files in 'program files' or 'WINDOWS') gets compressed. this will not move the files to a 'zip' or '7zip' files. itll just be compressed in the folder it was in!!!!!!

Where does Windows XP store compressed old files?

On the hard drive with uncompressed files.

Will my PC be affected if I delete compressed old files?

it might increase the speed of the computer by a little. It is hardly noticable, but you would want to see what files are compressed.

Windows folder for compressed old files?

Any folder location Text Colour is blue = Compressed file or folder

Are WAV files compressed or uncompressed?


What does WinZip do?

WinZip "unpacks" compressed files (.zip) and produces the original file or files that were compressed.

How do you create free space on my d drive?

keep your files in compressed folders or try to remove unnecessary contents

Compressed files are sometimes called what?

zipped files

What are compressed files sometimes are called?

zipped files

What are compressed old files?

Each disk of your computer has its own compressed old files, which are stored in some portion of it and which gets accumulated day by day.For deleting them from your hard disks so as to free the space, u can use the disk cleanup application.

Should compressed files be deleted?

there is no need for deleteing the compressed file

Files that contain large amounts of information are zipped compressed?

files that contain large amounts of information are "zipped" (compressed).

Can files in a compressed folder be renamed?

Yes,there is a possiblity to rename a compressed folder

How do you extract compressed files?

to extract compressed files you need winrar or another program then you can either with right click and select extract here or you can click over the compressed file and inside winrar select extract to... and select where you want the files

Why are most downloadable files on the Internet compressed?

Most downloadable files on the internet are compressed so that they are smaller in size and therefore be downloaded quicker.

Why do you compress files?

Compressed file means files with rar/zip extension .There are some reasons for compressing files. Compressed files can not be affected by virus. It can save disc space. You can use it if you want to back up some folders/files.

Is JPEG larger than raw files?

No, Raw files are larger and are not compressed.

Compressed files sometimes are called?


What are the reasons why users would want to use compressed files if they have a modem and access to the internet?

Compressed files can save considerable amounts of hard drive space.

What are compressed files sometimes called?

Compressed files are often named colloquially after the software used to consolidate them. Common names include Rars, and Winzips for these file archives.

What program compresses larger files into a smaller file?

Right-click > Send to > Compressed Folder 7-zip or WinRAR are programs to manipulate "archived" or "compressed" files.

When you receive a compressed file do you must zip it?

To retrieve the files from a compressed file you will need to unzip it using programs like WinRaR, which extracts the files into a normal folder.

A file may be compressed in order to?

Files are compressed in order to save disk space on a hard drive.

What does the program winzip do for the files on computer?

WinZip extracts files compressed in .zip or .rar format.

How you can make a compressed folder?

When in any location of the desktop, click file/new/compressed zip folder, then simply drag all your files that you want compressed.

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