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You need to replace the window regulator (lifting mechanism). Hope you have some tools. Leave your car outside so the sun can warm the door you'll work on. You need to remove the wood finisher by the inner door handle (we use a nylon pry stick made by a company called CR Lawrence item #216) release the two screws behind it. Carefully lever out the window switch and disconnect connector. Remove screw (T-20 torx). Remove the two screws at the bottom of the arm rest. Use your pry tool between the door panel and door to pop the door clips around the perimeter of the door. Pull the door hande up and away to remove the top portion of the panel. Remove the door handle cable from the cable side and speaker connector. Use a razor blade and carfully remove the foam vapor barrier top and both sides WITHOUT tearing the soft foam (it keeps water out of the rear footwell during rain). Don't take the bottom of the barrier off unless you are replacing it. You can get the sticky black sealer at your BMW parts center when you get your parts. Remove the three T-30 torx on the window motor, twist and remove. Cut the window regulator cable so you can move the window at will. Remove the 8mm bolt that clamps the window to the regulator. There is a metal nut that fits into the back of the plastic clip on the window glass. The nut likes to fall out when removing bolt. Unclip the glass out of the regulator and manually push window up to top of window channel. Grab some masking tap and run several strips on the outside of the glass-over the top of the door- and back onto the inside of the glass to hold it up while you work on the regulator. Remove the three 10mm nuts and remove regulator. Replace the nuts with three improved ones part number 07 14 7 153 450 .

Replace LR Regulator 51 35 8 212 099 .

Reinstall all in reverse order. Make sure your vapor barrier seals well. Make sure all door panel clips are in the door correctly before popping on door panel. Good luck!


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Q: How do you remove door panels for 2000 BMW 323?
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How do you remove a front door panel on a Mazda 323?

The first thing you need to do is remove the screws located by the inside door handle and the arm rest on the door. Then you need to remove the other screw located by the door hinge and then carefully ply the paneling off, starting near the bottom.

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Help to change door lock how do you remove interiour door panell on a 1996 Mazda 323?

For front door lining assy(assembly)-remove screws from the following: 1)door latch, 2)door pull pocket 3)screw right beneath the front side mirror area (uncap it first to reveal the screw) 4)screw located on courtesy door lamp (remove the courtesy door lamp lens first to reveal the screw) and then remove the latch bezel to reveal the lock rod. Pry the lock rod clip very carefully to remove door latch, remove door lining clips from the door metal panel using a special prying tool for door trim clips (sometimes a flat head screw driver would do, but you need to be careful not to damage the clips or the door trim clip mountings. After un-clipping it all, push the door lining panel upwards to remove the whole assy. Finally, detavch connectors from power window switches and speaker. To install it back, do the reverse of the above.

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You can access your 2000 BMW 323 replacement blower motor relay switch from the inside of the passenger cabin. You will need to remove the passenger side kick plate to access the relay switch.

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No, the body panels are not interchangable; Mazda redesigned the 323 in 1990.; 1986-1989 are similar, with detail differences in the tail-lights and headlights and grille. Try searchign under "Images" on Google by typing the year make and model or try for car facts. Cheers Malcolm

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