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sorry you dont you might consider re-painting once it dries it is permanent -30 year driveway sealer

AnswerYou can get tar remover at an auto parts store or even at some department stores AnswerTried bug/tar remover ... it does not remove it. This only works on "fresh" material that has not thoroughly dried.


Don't laugh, this worked great. Toyota Brand penitrating oil, spray it on the dry sealer and wait about 15 seconds, it starts to desolve the sealer, we then sprayed it on a rag and used it to wipe the sealer completely off. Make sure it does not drip on your driveway as it may damage it. Not sure but other brands may work too.

Comment: I'm laughing with glee! Penetrating oil does work. Sealer was sprayed on our side door to the house and we didn't notice until 3 days later. WD40 did the trick for us, like magic.

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Was the sealer water based?
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Q: How do you remove dried driveway sealer that splashed on a white aluminum painted garage door?
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