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How do you remove drivers side door panel on 2000 buick regal?

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This is quite simple.

You will need a small flat tip screw driver, a torx bit and rachet.

Look into the door pull handle built into the panel.

Next, remove the garnish piece which houses the 2 torx bit screws that fasten that piece to the mounting bracket (hidden behind the panel).

Next, gently pop up the driver's master switch panel (window controls etc).

Unplug the 3 harnesses from the control body.

Next and lastly, gently pry on the door panel to release the plastic push clips that also fasten the panel to the door frame. (If any break, you can simply go to any auto parts store and find a replacement; you will want to replace these as your panel could hang and deform).

To install, simply reverse the removal process. Take care when re-installing to line up the plastic clips, if no care is taken, you risk breaking them.

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