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How do you remove egg stains from concrete?

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Answered 2006-08-03 18:09:20

Use a power-washer. It can be rented or bought in a hardware store. The power from a power-washer is high and will clean almost anything.

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Answered 2020-10-14 06:28:59

Stained concrete can be cleaned up quickly with just water and the correct pressure washing technique. Unfortunately, these older and more porous surfaces can also be damaged by the wrong tip or technique more quickly.

That is why aside from the regular nozzles used for pressure washers, it is best to use a Pressure Wash Surface Cleaner attachment from bestcargurus in cleaning flat surfaces such as brick and concrete.

A pressure washer surface attachment gets cleaning jobs done up to 4X faster than the usual spray nozzles. The splash-free skirt keeps you dry while you clean and you wonโ€™t experience any streaking problems due to its ability to keep nozzles at a fixed height from the surface.

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How do you remove battery acid stains from concrete will Dawn remove grease stains from concrete?

Baking soda is the best way to remove acid stains from concrete. Dawn may remove grease stains from concrete. Vinegar is another great solvent for grease stains.

What is the best way to remove leaf stains from new concrete?


Remove raw egg stains from siding?

with detergent and a brush or a sponge

How do you remove egg stains from metal or plastic?

you need just dish soap and water

How do I remove old and set in cat urine smell and stains from concrete?

Muriatic/Hydrochloric acid for the stains. Then a day later use some bleach for the smell.

How do you remove stains on an egg?

you can use a product called "shout" or baby oil would work

How do you remove rust stains from concrete lions?

i have found trying baking soda made into a paste and a scrub brush. if that doesnt work CLR takes most rust stains out.

How do you remove egg stains from vinyl siding?

Sometimes it is a simple as using a high quality white eraser.

What is the best way to remove rust stains from an epoxy painted concrete floor?

You have to use steel wool, or it will just smere

How do we remove leak stains from headliner?

How do we remove leak stains from headliner?

How do you remove gas stains off of color stained concrete?

Check with your local hardware store or Home Depot/Lowes etc. There is a special chemical that is supposed to clean everything from concrete.

How easily will this remove red wine stains?

It should easily remove red win stains. As with all stains you will want to remove it as soon as possible.

How do you clean wood stain off concrete?

There are a few ways one can remove wood stain off of concrete. One way is to use a sandblaster to remove the stains. Another method is using wood bleach, water, and a scrubbing brush.

How do you get concrete stains out of a wood burner?


How do you remove brown stains from teeth?

to remove brown stains from your teeth you will have to brush them or floss them...

How do you remove blue stains from toilet?

Depends what the stains are from.

What stains do carbon tetrachloride remove?

Protein stains

How do I remove stains from patent leather?

How can I remove black stains from a pocket book that went on my red bag? How can I remove black stains from a pocket book that went on my red bag?

How to remove bleach stains?

bleach stains cannot be removed.

What kinds of stains does Shout remove?

Shout removes stains from jam, grass stains, coffee stains, ink stains, blood stains, motor oil stains, etc.

How do you remove walnut stains from your car?

how can you remove walnut stains from your car paint with out hurting your paint on your car

How do you remove battery acid stains from driveway pavers?

Bleach will only remove a small portion of the stain and the scrub brush on concrete will definitely cause permanent damage to the concrete. Once concrete is "spot treated" with improper tools, chemicals or techniques it can be permanently damaged. Battery acid stains are not rust and are a chemical reaction within the concrete. If you try Hydrochloric Acid, Hydrochloric will only remove a maximum of 60% of the stain. It is very dangerous and will permanently damage your concrete. The only reason HCL Acid works is because it dissolves the cement past and takes a small amount of stain with it. Battery Acid Stains can travel up to 2" deep into the concrete. There is only one solution that will work- it is a new product called F9 BARC (Battery Acid Restoration Cleaner) made by Front 9 Restoration, Inc.

How to Remove rust stains from wood countertops?

There are various ways to remove rust stains from wood counter tops. The easiest way is using acids and a piece of cloth to remove rust stains.

Does vinegar remove stains?


Is it easy to remove stains from cotton?

Of course stains easily removes from it.