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Use a steam iron on the opposite side of the wax. (If the clothing is delicate, use the steam only. Do not touch the iron to the clothing.) While the wax is melted use a tissue to blot the wax up.

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โˆ™ 2006-04-21 05:46:56
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Q: How do you remove eyebrow wax from clothes?
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How do you remove eyebrow wax from unwanted places on eyebrow?

Hi. Water is generally the best method to remove unwanted wax :)

How do you remove eyebrow wax from eyelashes?

by trying

How do you remove eyebrow wax from eyebrows?

baby oil water or azulene oil

What is an eyebrow wax?

some one will wax your mono brow

How do you get eyebrow wax off wood dresser?

Umm what is eyebrow wax. I know that to get rid of candle wax u can rub it with a rough soapy dish sponge

How do you remove eyebrow wax from ceramic tile?

Use your hair dryer to melt the wax slightly. After peeling the wax up, apply a spray cleaner to remove the residue. The same cleaner that you use to remove soap scum from the tub should work just fine.

How do you remove eyebrow wax from a wool rug?

Here is a link to RugRag's wax removal technique.,%20Wax,%20or%20Grease.aspx

Is eyebrow wax hot when they put it on your eyebrows?

Heated wax should be warm not hot when applied to eyebrows. There are also ready to use eyebrow wax on the market with an easy to follow directions.

How do you remove candle wax from clothing?

What i have done was place a old terrycloth towel over the wax, then ran a hot iron over the towel until the wax was absorbed into the towel, and away from the clothes.

How do you get eyebrow wax off floor?

I spilled waxing wax onto towels, electrical cords, floor, wall. How do I get it off?

How do you paint over beeswax?

You cant. You can try, but you will be wasting your time as no paint will adhere to wax. Remove the wax with a scraper, then with a paper towel and a clothes iron. Sand, primer and paint.

How can you remove wax from your ears?

hi there you can remove wax from your ears by using q-tips

How do you remove candle wax from a marble table?

As long as marble is heat-safe, I would place a couple of paper towels on top of the wax and run a clothes-iron over them. The heat from the iron should melt the wax and soak into the paper towel.

How do you get rid of second fold on eyelid from eyebrow wax burn?

just leave it and it will be gone in a couple of days

What is solvent wax?

Solvent wax refers to solvents that remove wax. The solvent is able to dissolve, or get rid of, the wax.

How to remove floor wax stains in shoes?

You can remove all, or a majority of it, by placing an ice cube on the wax, then chipping it off the wax as it hardens from the ice.

How long till you can remove eyebrow bar?

6 to 8 weeks

How do you remove eyebrow hair?

You can shave them or pluck them, but it's better to pluck

Something found in the bathroom begin with the letter E?

ear wax cleaner,Excedrin,eyebrow pencil,electric shaver,

Why are Michael Jackson's clothes in a wax museum?

Those aren't his real clothes,they're just clothes made to look like his

What is the ingredients to eyebrow wax?

One Salon told me that there was ragweed used. I sometimes break out in a severe allergic reaction depending on the Salon.

Why you shouldn't remove ear wax?

Ear wax helps to keep your external auditory meatus and your tympanic membrane soft and pliable. If you remove the ear wax, your ear drum could dry out and crack.

How do you remove wax?

soak it in oliveoil and rub

How do you remove handball wax?

baby oil