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go to eBay a guy repairs these for $45 pluss shipping or go to Google type ex....2000 Ford Explorer radio display the fix is there if you can solder good luck

AnswerYou can not change this lightbulb, it is an LED and the whole radio needs to be replaced for around $400.00.
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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 06:17:09
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Q: How do you remove faceplate of stereo radiocdtape player to change light bulb for Ford Explorer?
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I have a 2000 ML 320. The I wish to use the navigation system and I am told i need a CD. The unit in my car has the CD player in the back. Is it still possible to use this nav CD in my system?

The CD player in the back is for audio cds. The navigation CD is located behind the faceplate for the MCS (modular control system). Press the open button on your MCS faceplate and insert the navi CD in the slot close the faceplate by pressing the open button or lift up slightly, then press Navi on the faceplate.

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I installed the Factory single Radio/CD player. Just for double checking I didn't disconnect the negative battery cable until after I had removed the Bezel/Faceplate and checked the units operations. There are 6 catches molded into the Bezel/Faceplate. 2 on the bottom, 2 on both sides, and 2 on the top. The 2 on the bottom are hidden by the ash tray and cigarette lighter so I started there. If I did any scratching it would end up being hidden. 1 of the bottom catches is just above the ash tray and can be seen. There's a couple of lines molded into the Bezel/Faceplate that line up with the edges of the catch. The 2nd catch is located just above the cigarette lighter and can't be seen. Take 2 large flat head screwdrivers and line them up with the catches. Wedge the screwdrivers between the bottom of the Bezel/Faceplate and ash tray plastic and the molding that covers the cigarette lighter. Gently pry up and pull the screw drivers toward you until the 2 bottom catches release. Once this was done I just firmly grabbed the bottom of the Bezel/Faceplate and pulled out while slowly working my fingers up along the edges. The other 4 catches released fairly easily. The Radio/CD player is mounted to a frame and not attached to the Bezel/Faceplate, however, the heater/aircondition/fan controller is attached to the Bezel/Faceplate with 4 Phillips head screws. There was plenty of slack in the connecter that allowed me to pull the Bezel/Faceplate forward enouth to reach the screws holding the AC/heater control unit and unscrew them. Then I just rested that unit in it's space and then there was plenty of slack to swing the Bezel/Faceplate up and wedge it between the mirror and dashboard while I removed the Radio/CD player. Don't forget to disconnect the Negative Battery cable. Also the 2 fresh air vents at the top of the Bezel/Faceplate have extensions behind them that slip into holes behind the Bezel/Faceplate. It was easy to slide them back in when installing the unit. They were not a problem. Also, the actual removal of the Radio/CD player is very simple. 4 screws hold it in. Once they're out just slide the Radio/CD player out and on the back unplug the wiring harness and the Antenae plug.

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