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Hook your vacuum up to your skimmer and open the valve all the way to the skimmer.. that should give you enough suction. Then, get in the pool and get to work!

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Q: How do you remove fine sediment from in ground pool?
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How do you remove sediment from a quick set vinyl pool?

To remove sediment from a vinyl quick set pool you will need a pool vacuum. Move the vacuum very slowly as you work so that it has a chance to catch everything.

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How do you remove an in-ground pool liner?

2 words: BURN IT!!!!!

What pipe should you use for above ground pool?

PVC pipe is fine

Swimming pool liners?

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Will a stronger filter help remove sediment from a small quick set vinyl pool?

No, I have come to understand that it will not. I purchased a larger filter with double the GPH and there is no change. The problem is the sediment is too small to be filtered out. However, I have been able to remove it by adding a nylon stocking to my vacuum filter bag. check out this post for more information. What is the brown sediment on the pool floor

Can you drain water from above ground pool and keep the pool up?

Yes, the pool will not collapse if you remove the water as long as it is not broken.

What is the most cost-effective way to remove an in-ground pool?

Filling the pool in with topsoil and planting or sodding the area

How do you remove wrinkles from the bottom of an in-ground pool and why are they there if the pool is new?

The wrinkles are there to provide for liner shrinkage over the years.

How do you remove algae that is crusted on to an above ground pool?

With a stainless steel brush.

How do you remove pool cover from above ground pool without getting leaves into the pool?

Very carefully, You could try to remove them with a scoop net first. or if the top of the liner is dry vacuum them.

What is the best sand to put under an above ground swimming pool?

Fine Mason Sand

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