How do you remove food stuck in wisdom teeth extraction holes?

I just had my wisdom teeth removed four days ago and I have been having a similar problem.

Get yourself an oral irrigator syringe.

I'm not talking about the store bought electric or battery powered high pressure units such as "water pik".

What I'm referring to is the kind that is a syringe with a curved plastic nozzle for cleaning/rinsing inside one's mouth. I got mine from my dentist. Gently use it to squirt plain (or preferrably salt) water into your wisdom holes and dislodge the food. I have found it to be extremely effective.

However, care must be taken to avoid hurting your mouth. Oral surgeons usually suggest this method only after a week of recovery has taken place, and not before. In my case, I have have been forced to use the irrigator because the lodged food was causing me pain.

You must be gentle to avoid dislodging any forming blood clots, as this may result in a dry socket, which is when the underlying bone becomes exposed due to loss of clot.

Comments from another fellow patient: in my case, using the syringe (given by the oral surgeon) alone was not enough to dislodge the food particles out of the holes. Not sure if a "water pik" will do, never tried that. But what I am doing now is using the disposable dental floss/pick combo tools to rake out the food that cover up the hole or are slightly inside the hole before using the syringe. Had to do that as the food was big enough to cover up the holes and stuck enough such that the syringe didn't blast it out. Couldn't swish it out with water nor "tongue" it out either. The holes are a bit deep so I can't tell if there smaller food particles stuck in there, can only hope that all is ok.

ok so i got my wisdom teeth removed, its been like 5 days after the surgery and i have my lower gums still to heal. i got food stuck in there and get so frustrated when i cant get food out. but i found that if you let some ice cream melt in those gaping sockets, you can wash then out easily with your tongue. i have two enormous holes too. like the surgeon had to drill my lower jaw bone because my teeth were impacted... im kinda scared because its been 5 days and the holes are still pretty big. =/