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How do you remove front brake caliper on a Saab 900?

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2009-08-22 15:50:23
2009-08-22 15:50:23

Wink says: You don't specify a year. The procedures are different depending on the year. A good shop manual will provide the best information.

In brief, here is what you do on 1979-87 900s: 1) Jack up front end, set car on jack stands and remove wheel. 2) Remove the parking brake cable from the lever, remove the protective boot, and remove the circlip holding the cable to the yoke. Pull the cable out of the yoke and tie it to the spring. 3) Remove the brake pads.

4) Disconnect the brake fluid hose. Unless you want brake fluid all over your work area, find a way to plug the end. 5) The bolts are on the back side of the caliper, held in place with a locking plate. Knock the tabs from the locking plate back with a screwdriver. Remove the two bolts that hold the caliper to the upright. 6) If the rotors are scored, they need to be replaced as well, along with new brake pads.

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Carlblum says: I have NEVER read a manual or asked anyone how to replace the brakes on any vehcile in the over 20 years of working on vehicles. If you have to get your brakes worked on, and you have no knowledge of vehicle brakes, have someone you know, who knows HOW TO DO IT RIGHT, show you. or Take it to a shop. The most prominent weapon in use in America today is the Automobile. Playing with it, is like playing with a loaded 357 magnum with the hammer cocked.

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There are several different front brake calipers for the Saab 900 depending on the year. The first is from 1979-1987 and is the same as that on the Saab 99 beginning in 1975. You need a special tool to rotate the caliper piston back into place because the front caliper also acts as the parking brake. From 1988 thru 1993, the front calipers on the Classic 900 are the same as those on the Saab 9000. The NG 900 has a completely different brake caliper setup beginning with the 1994 model.

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It really depends on the year and model as the braking systems are different on different models, and sometimes change over the course of the model. However, since Saabs are Front Wheel Drive, a rear caliper is easier to replace than the fronts. Remove the brake line and parking brake cable (if there is one). Remove the old caliper and install the new one. Re-install the brake line and parking brake pieces. Bleed the brakes.

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us Cclamp to retract caliper leave old brake pad in place put clamp over caliper with 1 end on brake pad and the other over caliper back start to tighten very simple.

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Take off the brake calipers, but let the brake line be mounted. Attach the caliper to a string so that it does not hang by the brake hose. Take out the old brake pads. Compress the pistons together. You may need a special Saab tool for this. Apply some copper paste or similar grease to the sides of the caliper and mount the new brake pads. Check that everything runs smoothly before mounting everything back together.

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remove spring clip of the front 7mm Allen key socket for sliders BUT a special tool is required a rear brake piston wind back tool with saab/vauxhall attachment a easy job with the right tool clockwise rotation

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