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How do you remove front brake calipers on a 2000 Honda Civic LX 4 dr?


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2006-10-09 14:12:37
2006-10-09 14:12:37

All you need to do is remove the 2 bolts with 17 mm heads on the backside of the caliper. A breaker bar may be necessary to break them free. The caliper will then just slide (or fall) off. If you need to remove and turn the rotors, just remove the 2 Phillips-head screws (a cordless drill works well) and pull the rotors off of the hubs.


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Begin by removing the tire and wheel from your 1993 Honda Civic. Remove the brake assembly and the brake rotor. Remove the axle retaining bolts. The axle will come off.

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To change the brake rotors on a 1991 Honda Civic raise the vehicle. Remove the wheels and brake caliper bracket. Remove the brake pads. Loosen the rotor mounting screws and replace the rotors.

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Brake light on 1994 Honda civic staying on.

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Lift the vehicle on a car jack, remove the tire, remove the brake shoe/calipers, and remove the old brake pads. Put in the new brake pads, replace the brake shoe/calipers, replace the calipers, and lower the car.

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Remove wheels Loosen Brake lines to calipers Retract piston into caliper slightly remove mounting bolts (2) Remove brake lines Remove caliper

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