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How do you remove front hub bearings?


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2011-04-20 07:18:10
2011-04-20 07:18:10

It depends on what year, make and model of vehicle. Some vehicles have wheel bearing assemblies which must be replaced as units and some use cone-type wheel bearings. Generally, with either type, you must first remove the wheel, the brake caliper, and the slip-on type of rotor. Then the process diversifies depending on the style of wheel bearing involved and whether the vehicle is front wheel drive, rear wd, all wd, or 4wd.

For specific details, you will have to ask a more specific question.


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They need to be pressed in. You will have to remove the hub assembly and have a shop press the bearings into the hub.

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they are replaced as hub assemblies, remove the wheel, remove the caliper and rotor three bolts for the hub, axle nut, abs harness if the car has it, and remove the hub assy

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The hub bearings in a 1998 Z71 can not be repacked. The bearings are part of the hub, and the hub assembly will have to be replaced.

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With the 98 Durango safely lifted, remove the front wheel. Remove the locking hub. The hub removal is different depending on the hub type. Remove the brake caliper. Remove the axle nut, and slide off the bearing housing. The inner and outer bearings and races should be replaced.

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Remove the tire and wheel. Remove the axle end cap. Remove the bearing seal. Remove the bearing. Reverse the process to install the new bearings.

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