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pry up the cover from the outside of the handle and remove the 7 mm screws front and back

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Take off window handle Saturn 96 sl1?

You will need to remove the inside door panel. Remove the door handle retaining screws. Remove the linkage from the back of the door handle.

Which way to turn harmonic balance nut to remove on a twin overhead cam 1999 Saturn?


How to remove 1994 Saturn front outer door handle to be able to remove outer door panel?

I don't know - but the question about the 1993 door handle is the same...

How do you remove the passenger side mirror on a 1993 Saturn Sl2?

See the link for instruction and photos. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

How do you remove the outside door handle on a 97 Saturn sw1?

Lift the door handle as though trying to open the door. You should see two pins going through the handle assembly. The pins can be pushed out, allowing you to remove the handle.

How do you remove exterior door handle on 1999 SL2 Saturn?

Lift up on the handle. You should see plastic inserts that fit into two tiny holes. Remove the inserts and the handle should slide to the side.

How do you removal the door handle from a 98 Saturn?

remove the outside handle by lifting the handle up and removing the small clip in the underside of the handle The inside door handle? remove the screw pull towards the front then out and release the clips holding the lock and open rods

How do you Replace passenger side door handle 2000 mercury cougar?

Remove Door Panel. Peel Back Water Barrier. Unscrew latch. Remove two bolts holding the handle inner to the handle bezel(outer). Remove the Anti-Theft shield with force. Remove handle. Reverse Process

How do you remove passenger side window crank handle on a 1998 hyandai elantra?

There is a clip holding the handle. It is located in the center in the back of the handle. There is a tool to remove & install it; but you can use a flat screwdriver carefully. Good luck.

How do you remove a passenger side door handle to replace it on a 2003 f-150?

Remove inner door panel for acess

How do you remove a passenger door panel on a 1997 Ford Ranger?

remove the window handle, remove screws from armrest, remove the inner door handle and the screw on the lower rear of the door panel, lift the panel upwards to remove from the slots along the bottom of the door.

How do you remove the outside driver side door panel after removing the screws What if the door handle is in the way It is on a 96' Saturn SC1?

There is a little plastic pin that holds the handle on. Press the pin out and slide the handle sideways to remove. Replacement is reversed.

How do you replace the passenger side mirror on a 2004 Saturn Ion II?

remove the plastic panel and there are 3 ten mm nuts remove and replace mirror.

How do you remove the exterior door handle on a 92 Saturn SL2?

Should be able to access after removing inner door panel

How do you remove the door panel on a 2004 tundra?

i have a 2004 Toyota tundra double cab i want to remove passenger door panel to tight door handle

How do you remove the passenger side power window switch?

On most cars it just pries out of the door handle. Be careful not to break it.

How do you remove the horseshoe shape pin to release window crank of 1997 Saturn?

You need a special tool to remove it . The tool slides between the door and the handle and pushes the clip out

Remove the overhead console on s-10 blazer?

how to I remove the overhead console on the S 10 Blazer?

How can you remove the Overhead console in a 2007 dodge ram?

To remove the overhead console you will first need to disconnect and isolate the negative battery cable. Remove the overhead screws and pull straight down on the console.

How do you remove the outer door handle on a 1995 Saturn SC2 coupe?

Lift the handle as though you are trying to open the door. Note that there are 2 pins in the part of the handle that connects to the door mechanism. Press the pins out, then the handle should slide right off.

How do you take off a car door panel?

Since this question is in the Saturn area, it must be assumed that you are asking about removal of a Saturn door panel. The inner door panel of a Saturn is not removable, it is integral to the door frame. However, you can remove the outer door panel. First, remove the outer door handle; lift the handle enough to reveal the pins that hold the handle to the door latch mechanism, then press out the two pins and set the handle aside. Next, open the door and remove the screws around the perimeter of the outer door panel. After the screws are removed, the outer door panel should lift off easily.

Where is the rke module on a 97 Saturn?

passenger side back seat, behind the panel by the door. may have to remove floor panel and/or seat.

How do your remove the drivers side window crank handle on 1997 Saturn SL-1?

behind the window crank handle, there is a horseshoe shaped pin, pop that pin off and the crank handle should pull right off.

How do you remove the window crank on the passenger side of a 1994 Lumina APV?

you can go to any auto parts store and buy a clip removal tool to remove handle. this tool will remove the c clip so you can remove handle. heres another way, but it takes longer. put a clean rag between door and back of handie, move the rag back and forth. when the rag makes contact with the clip, it should pop it off or far enough to remove handle. to put handle back on door. push the clip on the handle and push handle back on door good-day !

How do you remove front seats of 2002 Saturn l series?

The seat rails are bolted to the floor of the passenger compartment. Remove the bolts and any connected wiring and the seat should be easily removed.

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