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Try alcohol (the stuff that you drink)

Failing that try propanone (acetone).

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Q: How do you remove furniture polish residue from a mirror?
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How do you remove old silver polish residue?

By making use of the abrasive polish, you will be able to remove the polish residue. After the old silver polish residue has been removed, its polishing is very important.

How do you remove furniture polish from vinyl floor?

Finger Nail Polish Remover

How do you remove finger marks from furniture?

Murphys' Oil Soap Furniture Polish/ Cleaner

How do you remove furniture polish from wood furniture?

You could try to use nail polish remover. Try google searching other answers ...

Will furniture polish remove glue from painted metal?

It's worth a try.

How do you remove the rear Chevy bow tie emblem on a 2006 cobalt?

I used a heat gun. Carefully peel off and then clean off residue and polish. I used a heat gun. Carefully peel off and then clean off residue and polish.

How do remove sticky residue left from tint?

Maybe try Goof Off but in a pinch you could try nail polish remover :)

How do you remove hardened nail polish from stainless steel?

Lacquer thinner will remove it, then the stainless should be wiped completely dry of any residue.

How do you remove a little wide angle mirror you glued to driver side mirror?

a heat gun/hair dryer to loosen up the adhesive then a razor blade and some goo gone to get up the residue.

How do you clean nail polish remover off couch?

Nail glue is somewhat easy to remove from furniture, such as a couch. One way to remove nail glue is to use a nail polish remover that contains acetone. A little bit of this product should be put onto a cotton swab. It should then be dabbed onto a hidden spot on the furniture that has nail glue on it. This is to ensure that the nail polish won't bleach or ruin the furniture. This cotton swab can then be used to remove the nail glue from the furniture by gently rubbing the spot.

How do you remove a passenger convex mirror?

There are many different ways to remove the convex mirrors on your OEM mirrors. First, you can heat up the convex mirror with a hair dryer on high for about 30 seconds. Before doing that, be sure the use painter's tape to tape the mirror around your side mirror to prevent it from popping off and shattering! Also, to remove the left-over residue/adhesive on your mirror use some goo-gone/goo-off (if there's a lot) or some windex (for little residue). If the mirror does not pop or slide off after using the heat from the hair dryer, use some dental floss to "shave" it off. Just gently slide the floss behind the mirror and proceed to remove the adhesive. Tip: Be gentle and patient! Good luck!

How do you remove nail polish stains so your parents won't notice?

It depends on what item the nail polish is staining. It is nearly impossible to remove nail polish from fabrics/carpet/tablecloths because the nail polish remover will bleach and damage the fabric before it will remove all the color of the polish. Commercial stain remover products will not be effective on nail polish as it is paint based. If it was spilled on glass then it is safe to use nail polish remover. On wood furniture it will also remove the varnish and wood stain along with the polish so that isn't good either. In other words, your parents are going to "notice" wherever you spilled the polish.