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How do you remove ignition barrel from a peugeot 205 without the key?

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2008-05-24 10:20:03

the problem is that the key is used (when inserted) to

dis-engage the steering lock. If the lock is engaged you have a

problem. The barrel itself is located/locked in the tube with a

small locating bolt.To get at this ,however you need to remove the

lower dash first and then the top housing.You will then be able to

see the bolt head (6mm I think).On the underside of the barrel tube

there is a spring loaded locator bar which must be pushed in and at

the same time the barrel eased out (use a srewdriver).The wires

from the switch go out to 2 connectors 1 brown (4 way) and one

white (6 way)

the wiring must be freed from the loom and these plugs

disconnected , they can then be fed back through the side of the

steering barrel tube. Hope this helps Dave

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