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You can't, it has to be in the computer to access it.

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Q: How do you remove images from a computer if they are not on the hard drive?
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Does removing a hard drive remove all internet history from computer?

Assuming there is only one hard drive on the computer, then yes.

Will reformatting hard drive remove virus?

It will remove the virus (and everything else) from that drive but it will not necessarily remove the virus from the computer.

Remove fragments from hard drive?

To remove fragments from a hard drive you can run a disk defragmenter usually found under the advanced tab of the computer properties menu(found by right clicking on my computer or computer)

How do you replace an internal hard drive?

If you are using a laptop, you will have to remove some screws from the bottom and then carefully remove the hard drive using an appropriate tool. If you are using a desktop, you will have to remove a few screws from the back that is holding the hard drive in. You will also have to remove a plug that goes from the hard drive to the computer. Then, do these steps in reverse with the new hard drive.

Is it possible to use a PlayStation 2 as an external hard drive for a PC?

No. However, if you remove the hard drive, it can be used as a regular hard drive in a computer.

How do you completely remove AOL from computer?

Format the hard drive

Can pictures you dont save to your computer stay on your hard drive Like if you open a link to it and just look at it will it go on your hard drive?

Yes. Most browsers cache images on the hard drive.

How do you remove a Hard Drive from a Computer?

# Open Up the case # disconect all cables going to the hard drive # Remove the screws holding it in place # pull/push the drive out of the coumputer

How do you remove the hard drive on a Dell Dimension 2350?

To remove the hard drive on a Dell Dimension 2350 desktop computer, one has to open up the system unit. The hard disk can then be unscrewed from the drive bay.

What does the computer hard drive do?

What does the computer hard drive do?

How do you remove everything from computer tower?

Format hard drive/s

How can I be sure my information is safe with electronics recycling?

Before you send your computer to the electronics graveyard, remove the hard drive. If the computer still functions, you can erase the hard drive.

How does one remove an external hard drive?

In order to remove a external hard drive one must first disconnect it from the the computer by clicking through the hard dives and entering the options and disconnecting.

How do you unlock dell inspiron 9300 hard drive?

# Turn the computer over, and remove the hard drive screws. # Slide the hard drive out of the computer. # Remove the new drive from its packaging. # Use firm and even pressure to slide the drive into place. If you use excessive force, you may damage the connector. # Slide the hard drive into the bay until it is fully seated. # Replace and tighten the screws. # If the new hard drive is not already pre-imaged, install the operating system and drivers for your computer

How do you remove a virus without switching on the computer?

you take out the hard drive and clear it

What is hard drive on a computer?

The hard drive is the amount of memory that your computer has.

How do you change a hard drive from one computer to another and they both have win xp?

It is best to wipe the hard drive before you remove it from the first computer and do a new install for the new computer. Then add your operation system.

Can you put an external hard drive into a computer?

Yes, usually you can unless the hard drive inside the external enclosure uses unusual interface type. If you can physically mount it and you have the required type of interface for the actual drive, you can remove the hard drive from the enclosure and put it in the computer.

Is a genome like a computer hard drive or a computer screen?

hard drive on the computer, it does the programming

When you remove a hard drive does it remove the programs as well?

No. They will stay on the hard drive.

You have windows vista installed if you remove and install a new hard drive can you put windows xp on it?

Yes. Actually, there is no need to remove the hard drive. You can format the existing hard drive and install XP on it as well. Note: Yes, you can there is no need to remove the hard drive. You can format the existing hard drive and install XP. and also you can install both opreting system single computer. XP and vista both.

How do you replace the hard disc on computer with an old hard disk from another computer k?

To replace the hard disc on one computer with the hard disk of another you would have to make sure they have the same connectors. If they do then you may proceed to first unplug the computer, remove the cover to access the hard drive (you may have to look at documentation to show you how to remove the hard drive from the case, replace with the old hard drive. Depending on where this old drive came out of, when it boots if the operating system is still intact it will have to update several items throughout the boot process in order to recognize the new hardware.

The hard drive in the computer is usually?

The first hard drive in the computer is usually designated is Drive C:.

Is it possible to insert external drive that connects to your computer using a usb cable while the computer is turned on?

It is fully possible to connect an external hard drive to the computer using a USB cable while the computer is on, assuming that the hard drive is designed to work that way. However, care must be taken when disconnecting the hard drive from the computer again. If you unplug the hard drive without using the "Remove hardware safely" function you may end up losing data or in the worst case scenario ruin your hard drive.

What is the first step to protect important data on your hard drive?

Create a disk backup of your hard drive so that in case of a hard drive failure, you can restore your computer to the exact state prior to the failure. NovaBACKUP Professional will create system images, exact backups of a disk drive sector by sector, allowing you restore backups to a computer when the contents of the entire computer are lost.