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Its held by 6 screws, 4 are visible the other two (8mm) are located at the back of the engine, very hard to find so use a mirror... Good luck, IB (Netherlands)

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Remove the retaining bolts from your 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse manifold. The manifold will come off. Remove the manifold gasket. Clean the surface and put the new manifold gasket on.

How do i time rover 75 v6 engine/

Hi you need to remove the front bumper, grill this gives you some room at the front undo the two outer bolts at the front manifold 5mm allen keys then move water pipe to the side this then allows room to undo the other 4 bolts at the front you need to undo the 2 bolts at the back that secure the mainifold to the head. you will need to remove the air box, inlet trunking and all the wires cables etc that are connected to it hope that helps if you google V6 inlet removal on VW golf Mk4 its almost the same just less a pot :)

Because its a V6 engine and the other 3 plugs are hidden beneath the inlet manifold.

The 2014 Land-Rover Range-Rover has a V6 engine.

The 2014 Land-Rover Range-Rover-Sport has a V6 engine.

assuming its a V6... You have to remove the air intake manifold in order to get to the back three plugs. The front three you simply remove plastic cover and remove.

if its the V6, you can see the 3 in front, and you have to remove the intake manifold to ge the ones in back...

on the V6 you need to remove the inlet manifold and if you release the o/s engine mount at the top the engine will drop enough to give access to the rear 3 plugs, what a nightmare

The knock sensor for most Nissan V6 engines is located directly under the intake manifold. So to replace it, you have to remove the intake manifold. Good Luck.

Its in between the heads, or the V. You need to remove all the black plastic manifold that's above the top of the engine , and then the metal part of the manifold that's at th front, this gives you access to the thermostat, which comes complete with the housing. if your gonna replace it i suggest you get the two pipes that connext to it as well, as they get very brittle and break on removal. Not a nice job at all

The EGR valve is the round drum-shaped object mounted on the rear of the intake manifold, to the left of the throttle linkage. It has a vacuum hose coming in on top, and a metal pipe below which leads to the exhaust manifold. To remove the valve, unplug the vacuum hose. Loosen the nut connecting the exhaust pipe to the underside. Remove the two bolts holding the valve to the manifold and the valve should come off. I am about to do the same procedure on my Taurus. I have read that the opening on the inlet manifold can become choked with carbon, so be sure to clean this before replacing the valve.

Remove the air box cover and install the filter. You may have to remove the inlet tube(It does make it ewasier( Only took required is a flat screwdriver

It is located in the inlet of the carburator. It requires a 1 inch wrench to remove the inlet fitting and a 5/8 inch wrench for the fuel line. Do NOT leave out the spring and be careful with the seal.

on top of the manifold under the plate that says"PCV VALVE" you will need to remove two 10mm bolts...

I suspect you have V6. If it is the case, you will have to remove intake manifold. There is no other way to replace it.

its under the plastic manifold cover with duratec v6 on it,

The 2014 Land-Rover LR4 has a V6 engine.

The pressure regulator is located under the upper intake manifold. Find your fuel lines entering the manifold (right behind where the air enters the manifold)...the pressure regulator is on the bottom side of that cluster*%$. You will need to remove the upper manifold to reach it and change the regulator.

look on the intake manifold it will be stampes into the manifold cast.

how do you remove alternator on v6 holden vectra

The PCV valve is located on the back, drivers side of the intake manifold in a short, rubber hose. It is threaded into the intake manifold close to the last "N" in Nissan which is imprinted into the intake manifold. It requires a 3/4" wrench to remove it.

Assuming this is a 4.3L V6, the upper intake manifold is directly under the throttle body.

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