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How do you remove marker ink from a plastic sticker?

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Could be tough. You might try a little bit of rubbing alcohol with a cotton swab. If the sticker is printed under the plastic surface, you should be okay, if it is printed on the plastic, you could take it off. Work carefully and test it!

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Will wateralcoholvinegar or detergent solution will remove permanent marker ink?

yes it can

What can be use to remove permanent marker ink?

sharpy removing spray

How do you remove permanent marker from a mailbox?

Alcohol works fine anytime I want to remove permanent marker-- poke your finger into a rag and wet with alcohol and begin rubbing the marker ink.

How do you get rid of marker on Barbies?

That can be tricky. Rubbing alcohol can do it, but you need to be careful not to take off the paint. And if the ink has penetrated into the plastic, you may not be able to remove it without damaging the finish.

What solvents will remove the ink from a permanent marker?

i believe hand sanitzer does.... it depends on the surface. :)

Is marker ink a mixture a compound or an element?

mixturemarker ink is a mixture.

Does Goo Gone remove permanent marker?

Possibly, depends what base the marker ink is. If not, try Goof Off, it's a bit different.

Is the ink a black marker is a solution or per substance?

yes the ink in a black marker is a solution

How do you clean marker off a plastic toy?

This worked for me.... Write over the mark on the toy with a dry erasible marker (used for whiteboards) - mine are called Dry-Wipe pens. Then wipe it off immediately. The solvent in the whiteboard pen dissolves a bit of the non-erasible marker ink. Repeat until the mark is removed. Try this on a small piece to check for disasters before attacking the whole toy. It also works well to remove the marker ink if an idiot uses permanent pens on a whiteboard.

How does a marker work?

it barfs ink

Can you use fluorescent marker ink as the glow in the dark ink?

yes you can!

What is permanent marker ink made out of?


How do you prepare ink for whiteboard marker?

From squid

Is a marker a homogeneous mixture?

Marker is NOT a homegeneous mixture. It is heteregeneous. The ink can be separated by chromatography.

How do you refill hp 364 ink cartridge?

Remove ink cartridge from printer. Find its hole to insert ink in to it. Remove ball bearing and a plastic film covering which is used to seal it. Now by syringe insert ink in the hp 364 cartridges. Must take care about the correct color and level of ink into the chambers. A: it's easy to refill ink if you have a refill ink.

What does a marker contain?

Markers contain ink in the inside. Like pens they contain ink.

Is a permanent black marker a pure substance or solution?

The ink in a permanent black marker is a solution.

What elements makes up a pens?

ink and plastic and more ink and plastic thats it

What evidence is there that marker ink is a mixture?

The evidence that exists that marker ink is a mixture is that the ink can be separated into black and other color pigments. This can be done on filter paper by dotting the marker just above the edge and adding ethyl alcohol, which drags the pigments separately across the paper.

Can you get ink poisoning from permanent marker?

yes, yes you can !

What is inside of an expo marker?

Ink and a felt sponge.

What is one intensive property of marker ink?


What happens when you eat Crayola marker ink?

You will get poison

How do you get sharpie off plastic?

Spray it with aerosol hair spray, not the pump kind. This will remove permanent marker or ink from almost anything. If that does not work, and it is a plastic surface that you would be able to wipe dry erase marker off of, you can write over the sharpie with the dry erase marker, and it will usually wipe off both the dry erase marker and the permanent marker.

How do you use Dixon pink n ink erasers to remove ink?

They won't remove ink unless it is eraseable ink.