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AnswerYou can repaint them and rub if off right after you do it. It will take most of it off. AnswerIf you dip a cosmetic pad in nail polish after repainting and wiping it off and take the rest off it should work Answeryou nail varnish remover, or it wil come off on its own given a long enough time.
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Q: How do you remove nail varnish from fingernails?
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How do you remove nail varnish from clothes?

nail varnish remover??

What is the definition of nail polish?

Nail polish (nail varnish) is a lacquer applied to toenails or fingernails for appearance, but also as nail protection.

What type of nail polish remover do you use for fake nails?

acetone nail varnish remover to remove the nail but acetone free nail varnish remover if you just want to remove the varnish off the fake nail

How do you remove nail varnish from your fingernails if you dont have nail varnish remover or varnish?

the best way of getting the varnish off without remover is to get a hot bath ! this may seem like a stupid answer but by leaving your nails to soak in the hot water it loosens the nail varnish allowing you to gently scratch it off with your other nail . you will get the remains of the nail varnish floating in the bath ,but they are easily sucked down the drain and you get the comfort of a warm bath at the same time . its easy if you repaint them and wipe them staight off you might have to do this twice but it works

How does nail varnish remover remove nail varnish?

It thins/ dissolves the nail varnish. If the nail varnish remover contains acetone it can also dissolve false nails. (I did write the last answer I just wasn't signed in)

What contains Acetone?

Nail varnish remover contains acetone and it uses it to remove the nail varnish from the nail. The main removal substance in the nail varnish remover is acetone and without it you'd have to scratch it off your nail. :)

Why does nail varnish remover remove nail varnish and water wont?

The reason Nail Varnish removcer removes all nail varnish is because it contains certain chemical that help it get rid of the nail enamel. While water actually helps the nail varnish dry quicker if poured on wet nails.

How Can I remove varnish from hardwood flooring?

To remove varnish from any surface, use Acetone. Acetone is also in nail varnish remover.

What is the best way to remove acrylic fingernails?

The best way to remove acrylic fingernails is to have a professional nail technician remove them.

How do you remove nail varnish from false acrilyc nails?

use a nail varnish that doesn't contain acetone as the acetone dissolves the acrylic!

How do you remove nail varnish from mobiles?

scrub, scrub, scrub...

How do you remove nail varnish stains from fingernails?

soak nails in warm water with some lemon juice in for 15 minutes, or wipe nails over with a tooth whitening paste eg pearl drops.

How do you keep nail varnish on your nails but remove from your fingers?

After you apply your nail varnish, take a stiff, tiny brush and dip it in acetone (nail polish remover) to clean up your skin around your nails.

Is the ester in nail varnish remover a solution?

The ester in a nail varnish is a good solvent that is used in nail polish removers because it dissolves the nail varnish and does not affect the nail.

Can you put crackle nail varnish on with any other nail varnish?

Yes you can:)

Why will water not dissolve nail varnish colors?

i asked my science teacher this and he said that when nail varnish dries, two main substances evaporate, putting nail varnish in water allows the nail varnish to evaporate quicker!

How do you get gel nail varnish of?

Use sunflower oil or nail varnish remover. Personally I would recommend nail varnish remover. WARNING! Always take old nail varnish off before putting new on.

''nail varnish off carpet''?

u can use shaving cream and it will remove the stain.

How do you remove nail varnish?

Any product containing acetone or methyl-ethyl-ketone (MEK) will remove nail varnish. You want to be especially careful with clothes and fabric, so as not to damage them, so check the label carefully before using.

What damage can nail varnish and nail varnish remover do?

It makes u dizzyyy lolololololol

Is nail varnish a solvent or solution?

it is a solvent nail varnish remover is a solution x

How remove egg from car?

have you tried Nail Varnish Remover? that seems to do the trick with everything else...

How do you give yourself a manicure?

First of all you will need clear nail varnish and white nail varnish . You apply the clear varnish first then wait for 3-4 minutes for it to dry then get the white nail varnish and apply it to the tip of the nail only . Wait for it to dry , this is very important as the nail varnish will smudge if you do not wait for it to dry. Then finally apply another coat of clear nail varnish for a glossy and smooth look . Hope this helped x

How do you remove nail varnish from material?

try acetone, but it may also leave a stain, nail polish remover may be of some help

Is Nail Varnish part of makeup?

Yes, nail varnish is classed as part of a women's make-up.