How do you remove oil dipstick 2000 Kia Spectra?

This one is a real mystery to most people but in a few hours and a lil elbow grease, you to can reach the the dipstick.

First things first. WEAR YOUR APRON AND HAIRNET!!.

Next we can go on to removing the transmission side wheel, brake components,

driveshaft, transmission and flywheel of course. The previous procedures can be spelled out in detail in other forums. Next you want to use the best tool you have to tear into the crank case. you should see a piece of flat flimsy steel hanging from inside the case. Now here is where you cant be afraid. Simply grab the steel and push up against it until you feel it pop and give. Get up look under the hood and see the now loose handle that says "oil" or a picture of an oil can. Stand still and you can now think to yourself. Next time I will just pull instead of push!