How do you remove paint from a cotton shirt?

it all depends on what type of paint it is, if it is gloss paint and it has dried up, the best solution is the Chinese way, use pure alcohol and black soil, leave it to soak for abouts 30mins and and wala! its gone!


This may sound crazy but i have had paint and ink on a cotton shirt b4 and was told to use

men's gel like deodorant (like a speed stick) on it (IT HAS TO BE MEN'S). its an old jail house remedy that works. rub it on the clothing and leave it until washing, or and wash out the stain then reapply the speed stick and do it again until its gone . this also works on your hands oR body if ink is stained on it, rub the men's deodorant it Will disappear. a guy shared that with me that was a tattoo artist in prison and of course they are not suppose to tattoo there so if any ink got on there body or clothing they used the gel men's speed stick to get it out.. .. good luck