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Lacquer thinner should do it for you,don't know how much area you have to remove paint from& or the kind of paint that's on the chrome, but as a rule lacquer thinner will remove most all kinds paint, ya might have to put some on a rag and soak it a bit then rub hard, please note lacquer thinner is very explosiveDONT HAVE AROUND OPEN FLAME OR SMOKE WHILE YOU USE IT,also it wont hurt chrome but be careful using lacquer thinner on other types of materials, as it will take finish off, or destroy in some cases, another way to remove some paints from chrome is to pressure wash with a 2400 psi unit, using a 20 degree tip, but caution don't let it hit your auto surface or it will take paint from auto also, hope this info helps you with your problem,

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 06:18:31
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Q: How do you remove paint from chrome?
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How do you apply chrome paint on transformer toys?

use chrome silver spray paint!

How do I remove paint from bathroom chrome?

It should just come off but varsol or gas would work.

Where can someone purchase chrome spray paint?

One can purchase chrome spray paint from art material selling stores or websites. In addition, one can purchase chrome spray paint in websites such as eBay or Amazon.

What is the best way to remove rust from a car with chrome bodywork?

The best way to remove rust from a chrome with bodywork is to take your car to an autobody shop. They are the best people that can remove rust from chrome.

How do you paint chrome?

You will needs to sand the chrome and fill in small pores with liquid medal before painting a chrome object. Then, take a rag and rub the paint over your object while wiping away the excess.

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MuscleCar - 2001 Wheels Chrome and Block Paint was released on: USA: July 2009

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Paint can be difficult to remove. To remove paint from asphalt a person needs to use a variety of paint thinners, depending on the type of paint that has been spilled.

is there an extention you can get when you are about to lose your property due to unpaid taxes?

You could use a chrome spray paint. Try looking for Rust-Oleum Spray Paint Chrome at your local hardware store.

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Yes, but depending on the kind of paint you use, the result may be ugly and/or sticky, ruining the look and feel of the device. It would be easier to buy a chrome-colored controller than to paint it yourself.

How can you paint your motorcycle in chrome?

check out what Tony did on his Xbox.

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To remove an app from Google Chrome, follow these steps: 1. In a new tab, open chrome://apps. 2. Right-click the app and select Remove from Chrome. 3. A notice will appear asking if you want to remove the app. Click Remove.

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You can remove it with paint thinner.

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Can you use paint thinner to remove paint from wood?

No. It will no remove paint. Lacquer thinner will, but not effectively if there is a large amount. You will scrub and scrub. You need a thick paste or gel (paint stripper) to remove heavy paint or paint in a large area.

What is the cost of chrome paint?

For a can of chrome paint it is roughly ‘£6 on Amazon. However it would also be worth checking your nearest automobile parts shop as well for a potentially cheaper price and no delivery fees

What materials did Antoni Gaudi use on his buildings?

He used metallic paint and chrome coloured paint to do his fabulous work.

What paint do you use to repaint a driver shaft?

You aren't really supposed to repaint it but if you do it looks best with chrome paint.

How can you remove scratches from a chrome wheel?

redip it

How do remove armour all so it will take paint?

Paint thinner will remove it.

Remove oil-based paint from stucco?

You don't remove it. You have to paint over it.

What is chromium used in?

Chromium is found in some chrome spray paint.

How do you make a custom Lego imperial scout trooper?

It depends. First of all, do you want to paint it camo or what? if you want to make the scout trooper chrome, you spray paint it chrome. then you take a detail stick, dip it in high quality paint, and slowly move it against the place you want to paint. hope this helped!