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Most radiator drain plugs open clockwise. Namely opposite to the way normal screws tend to open (like oil plugs).

were is it


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open the drain at the bottom of the radiator and remove cap

It is in the bottom of the radiator but sometimes it is easier to remove the lower hose.

No, you just need a larger drain bucket; or drain through a hose for less mess.

there is a plug on the bottom of the radiator The drain plug is on the lower passenger side of the radiator. It is very hard to get to. It is easier to just remove the lower hose.

Look on the bottom or rear of radiator

Drain plug for what? Engine, transmission, radiator, gas tank??

You have to remove the oil pan to drain the fluid.

Remove the lower radiator hose or loosen the radiator drain.

"Where is the radiator drain plug on a 1999 dodge stratus?" Most "drain cocks" I am not being nasty, that is what they are called. they are located on the drivers side. Look on the lower left side, it looks like a wing nut or a straight bar (plastic), some look like a plastic hexagon

On the V6 engine you can't reach the drain plug by hand, which is at the bottom of the radiator.You will need a universal joint and socket attached to a long extention to reach it.

Should be at the bottom or rear of radiator or remove lower radiator hose

remove the cap then remove the bottom radiator hose and try to catch the flood of anti freeze with a bucket.

Lower pass side of side tank, very hard to access.

Drain the radiator, disconnect all hoses from the radiator, remove the fan shroud, loosen all radiator mounting brackets, remove the radiator. Replacement is the opposite order.

Remove the plastic cover underneath the radiator(passenger side) to access the radiator drain and you will need a large screwdriver.

not to bad to change. Drain radiator, remove both radiator hoses, overflow jug disconnect cooling fan canon plug. leave fan on radiator. I think there is 4 bolts that hold radiator in, remove and remove radiator.

look for the drain on the bottom left or right of the radiator, just open it up and the fluid from the radiator will drain.

Where is the radiator drain plug on a 2005 dodge neon?

On the bottom or side of the radiator.

there isn't a radiator drain plug. you have to remove the lower radiator hose from the radiator to do a drain and fill.

The radiator does not have a drain plug. The easiest way to drain is remove a hose.

Theres a drain plug at the bottom of the radiator.. or you can undo the bottom hose..

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