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How do you remove rusted threaded pipes?


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You are going to need a good wrench with a long handle and some thread loosener. You need to soak the threads in liquid wrench or a similar lubricant as much as possible. This is necessairy to free the pipe as apposed to just twisting it off. Remember to thoroughly flush the pipe afterword, as some will get inside and you don't want thread loosener in your water supply. You can also use a "cheater bar," a bar or pipe used to extend the wrench handle, to give you more turque. Be carefull with this as you can twist the pipe off, ruining both fittings you are trying to save. Good luck, and hopefully your vocabulary is up to the task.


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you should not fix rusted pipes. they should be replaced

It is too soft for things that are threaded and have moving parts.

there should be two threaded holes visible on the rotor hat . You can thread bolt into the holes with a ratchet to push the rotor off the hub

In regards to pipes and tubing, NPT stands for national pipe thread. NPT is the American standard for threaded pipes and fittings regarding the tapered threads.

Because of heavy salt present in the water reacts with ferrous Iron Pipes get rusted very fast. PVC sustains it and has long life.

go to your local auto parts store and purchase an Easy Out or Screw Extractor. There are atleast 2 different kinds. I like the threaded ones that drill themselves into the screw as you turn.

A cutting torch is one answer.

You can try soaking it in Vinegar.

Small juice can with pipes on either end in some cases the ends will just be threaded nuts so they don't look like pipes.

See if the pipes are broken or rusted. That's what happened to my well, and it started pumping mud.

To remove old shower pipes to install a new shower faucet, turn the main water off first. Then either cut the pipes at the joints or unscrew the washers holding the pipes together.

after you remove the bolt, the spindle that holds the top on , must Be remove by turning it counterclockwise, it is threaded through, the floor

Send it to the factory or a trained factory armorer

The calipers are threaded and screw out.

Should be a threaded flared fitting

Remove a few pipes. They are labeled as 'loose pipes'.

get a propane torch and heat up the pipes a little plus spray wd 40 all over very heavy it should break loose if not spray and let sit for a while

nope grease cap is not threaded, can usually remove it with a big set of channel locks

It's threaded. Twist it counterclockwise.

Lug nuts are still on, wheel is rusted to the hub.

Your going to need to get a special puller if its rusted on, usually if its new or not rusty you can just remove the bolt and hit it with a hammer a few times and it will come right off but if it is rusted then you should get a crankshaft dampner puller

Rusting bolts normally indicates that the bolts are brittle. Taking a pair of water pump pliers and squeezing really hard will most of the time break the rusted bolt so you can remove the toilet seat. Otherwise depending on the type of toilet seat installed, you can drill a hole right through exactly where the rusted bolts slot in, so helping you remove the toilet seat.

If it is old and rusted- it is best to get new ones. Maybe it is loose somewhere, so maybe you need to tighten it. I recommend that you call a plumber.

You can try spraying the rusted parts with a penetrating oil like wd40 or a product designed to loosen rusted on bolts. Let it soak for a bit before trying to remove. In my experience a big hammer is big help.

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