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Try soft scrub. May need to pull the water out to make it effective.

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Q: How do you remove scratches in the bottom of a toilet caused by a snake that was used for a clog?
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What do the knobs on the bottom of the toilet do?

The knobs on the bottom of the toilet hold the toilet to the bolts that in turn hold the toilet in place on the floor.

How do you remove caulk to remove a toilet?

Cut around the toilet with a razor blade knife. There isn't any under the toilet, you should be able to remove what is left on the floor after you take the toilet up.

How do you remove a toilet brush stuck in the toilet?

Pull it out.

How do you remove urine stains from a toilet bowl?

toilet cleaner, or Windex if it is the outside of the toilet bowl.

How do you get rid of urine smell on toilet seat?

The smell is caused by bacteria which live on the urine. To remove this you need to thoroughly wash the toilet and the toilet seat with soapy water infused with the recommended (on the bottle) amount of a good household disinfectant. This process will remove the urine residue and kill the bacteria. This process needs to be done regularly (2 to 3 times a day in a much used toilet and at least once a week at home).

How do you unclog your toilet drain when you flush all the water comes out under the bottom of the toilet onto the floor?

pull the toilet. Make sure the trap is clear on the toilet, and then snake the toilet line.

How do you get to ptrap in toilet?

You usually have to unmount it and get at the bottom.

How do you fix scratches on buthtub?

If they are surface scratches you can try using a Pumice Scouring Stick, it will also take out hard water rings out of a toilet bowl. They sell them at Wal-Mart by other cleaning products.

What caused the toilet to change?

to eat chicken

What should you do when the tip of the toilet auger break off in the toilet?

Remove the bowl turn it up side down and remove theauger head

How much will it cost to have a plumber remove a object from the toilet?

If the toilet does not have to be taken up then its cheap normally $175 if the toilet has to be removed then $400 +

Why does the bottom toilet fill up when the top toilet flushes?

The main toilet pipe is partly plugged after where the upper pipe joins the lower one.

Why would bubbles come from the tank where the flapper is when you flush the toilet?

because there is a Dukie stuck in the bottom of the toilet so you have to take out your toilet and flush the system.

What is a toilet roll?

thin paper to wipe your bottom with

What do you take the top off to put the bottom on?

A toilet.

How do you get rid of urine stains in the toilet bowl?

Any good toilet cleaner will remove the stains.

Inherited diseases are caused by what?

Poopin tin the toilet

What should you do when a the tip of the toilet auger break off in the toilet?

Remove the toilet from the floor, locate the broken tip, and replace the toilet. Don't forget the new wax ring.

You replaced your toilet tank and now it leaks from the bottom when you flush it?

the shift in weight from the new tank may have caused a shift in the wax ring and gasket where your toilet hits the drain pipe. wax rings only cost about $3-$5 and are easy to replace with a friend.

Toilet Seat?

form_title= Toilet Seat form_header= Sit comfortably with a new toilet seat. What color do you want the toilet seat?*= _ [50] Do you want the toilet seat cushioned?*= () Yes () No Do you need to remove an old toilet seat?*= () Yes () No

Is hepatitis b caused by a virus?

It's caused by putting your balls on a dirty toilet seat

How do you remove a bar of soap from a toilet bowl?

It is going to soften up and go down the drain pretty quickly. Think about the soap in the soap dish and how it softens on the bottom side.

Did Elvis Presly die on the toilet?

yes Elvis Presley did die on the toilet but the public do not know what caused his death!

What is the device that you use to wash your bottom after you use the toilet?

A bidet

What diseases can be caused by poor sanitation of the toilet?

Cholera or Dysentery