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Just wash it over and over until the lotion has disappeared from the sheet/towel.

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Q: How do you remove self tanning lotion from sheets?
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What is better Tanning or self tanning lotion?

well self tanning will get you tan faster, but it is also more dangerous. self tanning lotion is simply just a lotion you apply to help you get the glow! but the lotion can give you a orange look if your not careful. hope i could help!!!!

How do you remove self-tanning lotion from sheets and towels?

Use 1/2 oz of MelaPower plus 1/2 oz of MelaBright and spray the spot with Mela PreSpot. Email me if you want to know how to get these awesome products.

What are the advantages of self tanning?

Advantages of self tanning are that you can do it at home whenever you want, it costs less and by using a lotion you avoid harmful rays for the tanning booth.

What is the best self-tanning cream for someone with extremely sensitive skin?

Avene Moisturizing Self-Tanning Lotion, For Sensitive Skin is great.

What was the name of the self tanning lotion 1970 that was orange?

QT Quick Tan

How do you protects your skin from the sun when using a self tanning lotion?

You can mix a sunscreen with your self tanner or you can buy a self tanner with sunscreen in it

Where can one read reviews on Fake Bake self tanning lotion?

If you are interested in reading reviews on Fake Bake self tanning lotion, then you will find several websites available. Amazon and Skin Store are just a few of the retailers that offer reviews on the product.

Good and cheap sun tan products?

I think it would be wise to avoid using the sun as a source to tan is dangerous, so I would recommend maybe using a self tanning lotion. Jergens has a self tanning lotion that's affordable and you don't have to worry about the risks of suntanning or using a tanning booth.

Can I use self tanning lotion when pregnant?

Different self tanning lotions have different chemicals in them. It's always wise to consult your doctor before you using a tanning lotion while pregnant. Chemicals can be absorbed through your skin and can have potentially harmful effects to your unborn child.

Is there a way where I can apply to self tanning?

There are spray tan's or you can lay in the sun or applying tanning lotion. It can be difficult to use but it does work. it will look like a natural even tan.

What are some brands of cheap tanning lotion that actually do a good job?

A highly rated tanning lotion that is good for the budget is Millenium Tanning Dark Bronzer. If you are asking about sunless tanning, brands like Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer and St. Tropez Self-Tan Bronzing Mouse both have great reviews.

How can you get a tan without going to a tanning salon if you burn?

apply self tan. not the kind that turns your skin orange! Try Jergins tanning lotion. take a stroll in the sun and repeat daily. its like applying regular lotion except this lotion has tanning stuff in it. The more you go out in the sun with it on, the more you get darker. it wont completely turn you red. it has sunscreen in the lotion as well as a chemical that makes you tan. Give it a try.!

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