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How do you remove skunk odor?

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Inside house:

1. wash affected wall, floor, etc. areas with water containing either chlorine bleach or vinegar (acetic acid) or

2. Use a commercial odor-removing compound such as:

  • "Skunk-off" aerosol; get through Vet Clinic, or catalog of dog supplies through dog kennel or pet shop.
  • "Nil-Odor" made by Dow Chemical; follow directions and put couple drops in water, and put on furnace filter to circulate air through; can put on dogs as directed.
  • "Odor-Away" either liquid (use few drops) or aerosol.
  • Rexall "C-D Deodorant" aerosol, can spray furnishings, drapes, etc.

These odor-removers act to break down the oil and so remove the odor or neutralize it.

3. Spraying with aerosol or putting drops around will neutralize odor in air generally; may still smell for awhile as you put nose right down in drapes, carpets, etc. but will gradually dissipate.

Outside house on bare wood, concrete, soil: Get chlorinated lime water at drug store, or mix 1 cup agricultural lime in 1 gallon chlorine bleach and put on areas. BE VERY CAREFUL TO FOLLOW DIRECTIONS - don't get on skin, clothing, etc as it will burn (is a caustic solution), and will also burn grass or other vegetation.

On clothes: Launder in cool or barely lukewarm water with lots of heavy, built laundry detergent, plus a de greaser and some water conditioner (like Calgon) if water is hard. Don't use very warm or hot water as oil will be released in steam and odor will come up out of tub.

[Info from the Home Maintenance And Repair Database at the Michigan State University website]

More tips from FAQ Farmers:

  • Trying using vinegar first.
  • Soak in tomato sauce.

You could soak in Tomato Juice!

Another view

The best way to get rid of skunk smell.

  1. 1 bottle of Hydrogen peroxide 500ml (available at drug stores and most grocery stores)
  2. 1/2 cup of baking soda
  3. 1 tablespoon of any dish soap


Mix this in an open container (it will bubble)

decant into a spray bottle

Spray on the pets dry fur and leave to soak for 5 minutes NOTE: do not get this solution in your pets eyes, it can burn.

Rinse the pet with clean warm water.

re-apply the spray solution with a little extra soap and rub into fur

Rinse well again and dry pet.

This remedy is absolutely the best. It mimics the very expensive sprays available from the veterinarian and pet supply stores.

Note: Tomato juice no longer contains the acid needed to remove the skunk oils thus the smell. At over $1.00 per 14 oz can, it would take more than 20 cans to bathe a medium sized dog and with poor results.
I have heard (and used) tomato juice to remove skunk odor from my pet.

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The tutorial below at the related link has information on how to remove the skunk odor from your body .

One of the very few things that will remove skunk odor is a tomato juice bath.

Give your pet a bath in tomato juice..... or get your pet groomed

Tomato juice takes the smell of skunk out of clothes and off other animals. Takes a lot of the large cans though........

well this is one reason not how to get rid of skunk odor: tomato juice ( unless you want to ). you only think it works because when you smell it up close you can't smell the odor of the skunk anymore. but i think to get rid of skunk odor is to take a bath in SOAP! and LOTS of it!

The skunk uses its odor as a weapon.

A skunk uses its odor for its defense.

Skunk quill is pure oil from a skunk farm, quite expensive, but there are artificial options as well.

To get to the odor side.

They say tomato juice helps, but it could be an old wives tale.

One example would be : The odor of the skunk was very putrid.

If you don't rub the dead skunk on you, then no the odor can't be transferred.

Tomato juice should remove the smell(ketchup won't work)I know from experience that tomato juice is a very ineffective way to remove skunk odor. Here is a better way:1 gallon water1 quart hydrogen peroxide ~3% solution1 cup baking soda1 good squirt of hand or dish soapBut the BEST way is Nature's Miracle found at pet stores and retail stores. It is the best way to remove skunk odor.

A skunk could have made your dog smell like this? or it may just be his natural body odor which will come back even after a shower.

Give it as much tomato juice as the dog can handle until the odor is gone. If necessary, rub some of the tomato juice around the dog's mouth and jowls.

Tomato sauce (canned works) wiped onto the leather or tomato juice (supposedly) also works.

He was out of odor Hope it helped :)

you do know a skunk is an animal not a spliff...... The plant gives off a bad odor because it attracts pollinators and keeps animals from eating the plant. The odor is not harmful to touch or stench. It's odor lets out when the leaf is broken or opened.

Not skunk odors but the sack that gives the odor longevity !David ruby innisfil ontario canada ( skunk country )

Skunks do not smell when the have not sprayed. The odor of a skunk does stay on them for weeks after they have sprayed.

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