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I have just had the rear screen replaced on my mk4 Espace. The Autoglass technician removed the wiper motor and arm complete prior to fitting the screen stating that it is virtually impossible to remove the arm without breaking it.

He was correct after 2.5 hour of gentle persuasion and loads of releasing agent I ended up breaking the arm. The arms internally moulded metal collar had corroded to the splined shaft and even using a puller it would not budge, use of a hammer and a vice eventually facilitated removal of collar.

Replacement arm sourced for £35.00 including vat from local Renault dealer.

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Where is the paint code on Renault espace 2.0i 1994?

in the oval plate in the drivers door

Where is Renault grand espace ECU located 04 plate initiale 3.5 V6 model do you know which ECU it is and what connector does it support?

under the battery box

Where are the headlight relays on a Renault Espace L plate?

in the fuse comaprtment thats located under the bonnet on the near side. You should find it between the battery and the inner panel/

What is the engine code for a 1994 2 liter Renault espace diesel?

Hi, This should be located on the engine plate which is normally on the engine block or on RH side of engine compartment. Kev

Will a Renault Megane ignition barrel fit a Renault Scenic?

Will a Renault Megane V Plate ignition barrel fit a Renault Megane Cabriolet R PLate?

How do you reset the key fob on Renault megane 55 plate?

renault megane 55 plate key fob starts car but does not lock car

Where is the hazard relay switch on my Renault Espace?

On my 98 RXE diesel its under the carpet on the passenger (left ) floorwell. Lift the plastic plate and you'll see it bottom left. It is coloured white on my car. All the other relays down there are blue!

How do you reset the service light on a 53 plate Renault Grand Espace?

go through the sequence of pressing button on computer stalk until it reaches service then keep it held in for a few secs and it will reset. easy peasy. good luck. graham

Which way does the knife blade face?

The knife blade faces toward the plate.

How do you set the time clock in a Renault megane 2004?

how to set time on Renault megaine 59 plate no buttons

Coolant capacity Renault espace 1996?

Hi, according to the owners manual the capacity are as follows: J7T - J7R engines - 8.4L J8S engines - 8.8L J7W engines - 10L To check type of engine, look at the engine plate. Hope this helps? Kev

How do you open the centrally-locked filler flap on a Renault Espace?

ive a 51 plate espace 2.2dci had same problem u need to take off all the panelling inside the car other side of cap,and you can open it manually from inside the car theirs like a filter its behind there ,i found a loose wire and also sprayed lock with wd40 hope this helps

How do you change a clutch on a Renault scenic?

Block the wheels, place a transmission jack under the transmission and secure the transmission to the jack, unbolt the flywheel, drop the transmission, remove the pressure plate and clutch plate, replace the pressure plate, attach the clutch plate and ensure you torque the bolts to manufacturer's specifications (this is especially important), remove your alignment tool, replace the transmission, reinstall the driveshaft.

How do you remove the stock from a double barrel shotgun?

some have larger blade screws( 6 inches long) inside the buttstock, remove the butt plate and it will be recessed inside, you need a long, large screwdriver.

You lost your card key for your Renault scenic 06 plate how can you get a new one?

iam afrade you will have to have a walk to your local Renault garage as i belive there a Renault part only and are around £150

How do you remove gas tank to replace gas lines on pe550 22cc weedeater edger?

If you look on the blade side of the edger you will see six screws on a metal plate,Do not remove them. There are three holes under the plate that has three plastic plugs in them,remove with long needle nose pliers and then you will see three screws. Loosen them just enough to remove tank. Good luck.

Is the Renault clio 1.2 engine 52 plate a reliable car?


What is a throat plate?

A throat plate fits around a machines blade, making less of an opening between the blade and the work piece. They Are especially useful when cutting small parts, to keep the parts from falling between the machine table top and the blade.

Where is erg valve on 2.2 dci espace mk3?

Just replaced mine on a 51 plate its bolted on side of turbo

How does one remove the OEM rearview mirror on a 2002 Toyota Celica?


How do you replace a fuel pump for a 1995 Toyota corolla?

Remove the rear seat bottom. There is a plate with roughly 6 screws. Remove this plate and there will be another plate on top of the fuel tank. Unplug the wire connector and remove the screws and lift out the plate with the fuel pump attached. Remove the fuel pump from the plate.

How do you remove headrest on a 1989 caprice?

Take a expansion bay cover plate from you computers backside, then co to car and slide this blade from fron of hedrest support to release lock mechanism.

Remove front license plate cover on a 1990 corvette?

A person can remove the front license plate cover on a 1990 Corvette with a screwdriver. The plate can then be replaced with a custom plate or a state plate if required.

How do you remove the right side rear backing plate of a 1992 Cadillac Sedan DeVille?

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Where are fuses for side lights on Renault clio 02 plate?

I have an 05 Renault Clio and i can't seem to find how to even turn the side lights on?Any help?

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