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oil based primer and then paint it

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Q: How do you remove smoke stains from the underflooring in the basement?
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How do you remove smoke stains from linoleum floors?

== == AS smoke rises, the stains are probably not smoke . Try using a strong mix of hot water and bleach and scrub with a hard brush or a electric floor polisher with brushes.

Can a dentist tell if you smoke?

Yes, especially if you smoke regularly, you will have nicotine stains on your teeth and your breath will smell.

Why does a bowl change color as you smoke through it?

As you smoke through a bowl, The build up of resin and the smoke itself stains the glass and changes the color of the glass.

How is marijuana used legally?

You smoke it in the basement with your friends, Dude! Happy smoking!!

How do you get smoke stains from white clothes?

Smoke stains are difficult because they affect the entire garment. Since the clothes are white, you can probably soak them in bleach for 10 minutes. Read the tag of the clothes to check that the fabric can withstand bleach.

Which brand makes a concrete wash that will remove the stains from my driveway?

If hot water and soap do not work, coffee, tea, alcoholic beverages, and soft drink stains can be removed by applying a bandage saturated with 1 part glycerol (glycerin) diluted with 4 parts water. Two parts of isopropyl alcohol may be added to this mixture to hasten the removal action. The bleaches described for removal of smoke stains are also effective in removing stubborn coffee and other stains. A poultice of talc and trichloroethylene can be used on tough stains.

Which uses water to remove smoke from burning coal?

a Scrubber is used to remove smoke from burning coal

Is there a product to use in a washing machine to rid clothing of the smoke smell after a house fire?

Aeroclenz 1 is a product for use in your clothes dryer that is forumlated to remove smoke and soot odors. You can also try presoaking your clothes and then laundering them in the hottest water, repeated times. A dry cleaner can use ozone treatment to remove smoke odor from clothes. One woman swore by oven cleaner sprayed on soot stains.

How do you remove smoke odor from books after a fire?

There is no way to permanently remove the smoke odor from books after a fire. This is a permanent smell.

Can smoke stains and smell can be removed from wooden furniture?

Check with a furniture restoration specialist. or you can vernish it again

How do you remove cough?

Smoke a Cigarette.

If nicotine is colourless then what are 'nicotine stains'?

Coal tars from the other ingredients in the smoke -- the stuff that kills you, actually.

What is best primer to kill and hide smoke stains and smell on walls?

Binz - Shellac Primer $50/gallon.

Can you smoke weed inside your home or outside in Indianapolis Indiana?

If I were you , the best place to smoke it without getting caught is inside a home. Generally in a basement. NEVER smoke it outside.. LOL if you do, chances are likely that you'll get caught.

Explain how electrostatic dust preciptators remove smoke particles from chimneys?

remove it.

Where should smoke detectors be placed?

in hallway approaching bedrooms. basement near celler stairs. up stairs and downstairs.

How do you remove smoke odor from car?

You don't smoke in the car or if you do go to the nearest dealer ship and ask them.

Will air purifiers remove cigarette smoke smell in addition to dust and allergens?

Yes, all of the air purifiers listed will remove cigarette smoke and cigarette odor as well.

How do you remove tobacco smoke from painted walls?

Vinegar and water.

How do you remove fire smoke smell from dryer?

With an ozone generator

How do you remove the smell of smoke from a woolen garment?

try frebreze?

What medication to be done to remove Marijuana substance from the body?

not to smoke it.

How do you unplug a smoke detector?

Remove the batteries from the back of the detector.

How do I remove cigarette smoke from a piano?

A mild lye solution could be used to remove cigarette stains from tobacco tar on certain surfaces. If odor is a concern, a spray like Febreze might help. Really, such measures should be avoided, since moisture could contribute to the wear and alter the sound of the instrument. Prevention would be a better measure here.