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How do you remove speeding tickets from your driving record?


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You don't. They are there forever. Most places don't count points after 7 years have elapsed, but the fact that you got a ticket doesn't go away.

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Possibly by taking a driving safety course.

Either get a lawyer and go to court or stop getting tickets.

Speeding, yes, if you were going under 100 mph. Reckless driving, no chance, only time will remove that from your record. 7-10 years worth of time.

In the UK the offence remains on your driving licence for four years, after which you can send your licence to the DVLC in Swansea and ask them to remove the blemish on your otherwise squeaky clean record!

You cannot. Unlike a criminal history record, your driving record is not subject to expungement. It is a compilation of your LIFELONG driving history.

For some people, expungement is the only way - this costs just as much as it tales to write the details on the form. Otherwise, you cannot remove any such ticket from your record; attempting to pay for this may be considered bribery and charged and prosecuted itself.

My question is i need somebody to tell me how I can remove those tickets from my record and i have those tickets from last 4 years . I need to remove at least 2 of them because I' m working for a company that won't let me work with them if I still have those 4 points thank for your help

A DUI is a TWO-POINT Violation which remains on your driving record for 10 YEARS!!!! There is nothing you can do to remove it before then. All other TW0-POINT violations stay on your record for 7years.

You cannot remove them from your record in any way. Different insurance companies use different time limits in order to underwrite risks. Most insurance companies use the last 3 years in order to rate your insurance premiums. There are some companies that rate for the previous 5 years. These are the only two periods that I am aware of in rating. Time is the only factor that can help you with tickets and accidents. Tickets and accidents are actually never removed from your driving record but the rating period of the company determines how long they effect your rate.

If its paid and beyond reporting age just notify dmv

In most states you can take a driver's safety course. It's one way to remove points.

Contact a Lawyer Licensced in your state that is a lawyer for driving offenses. Search for a reasonable attorney that best suits your needs the Cheap !!!!! Lawyers probably will not be able to remove your record because they just want to take your money and say they did something they didn 't

Hi I got a DUI in NC 1979 and it is still on my record there for 25 dollars they will remove it for 30 days then it went back on my record hope this helps i do not know if it is the same for your situation

In what respect? If a ticket was issued there is no statute of limitations. How long does it remain on your record? Some states never remove them.

It can. If you've had accidents or a lot of tickets you probably have points on your license. Some states will remove points when drivers take defensive driving classes. Contact your insurance company. There are many ways to lower your insurance premium. A friend of mine let her insurance company put a computer in her car that recorded when she slammed the brakes or went above the speeding limit (which she never does). Because she let them monitor her, they lowered her insurance considerably.

A DUI gives you two records; one criminal and one on your driver's license. Your criminal record is permanent, it will stay there forever unless you have a judge remove it from your record (expunge it). It varies from state-to-state how long the record will stay on your driving history.

Helping to answer "How do speeding tickets affect your car insurance?" Depending on the insurance carrier that you have, i.e. Geico, Progressive, State Farm, Allstate, your premium will increase. Points are assesed when a speeding violation is incurred. Each insurance company has a chart that will determin how much of a percentage your premium per violation. Each state is different and some will allow for points to be removed by taking a driving course. However, if the violation is still on your MVR, it may not matter that there are not any points assessed because you will still be charged an increase based on your carrier's point system. For example: You incur a speeding ticket that asseses 2 points on your MVR. You take a course to remove the points, but it is still listed on your MVR as a violation. You may still be charged an increase in premium depending on your insurance carrier. I recommend you this site where you can compare quotes from different companies:

I don't know what state you live in, but I think the points stay there for 7 years, or something like that. All you can do is keep your driving record clean for a long time, and they will go away in a few years. If you want to know the details, just call your local Secretary of State.

no If you have been to court and convicted , probably yes. If this was a first offense , some jurisdictions can fine you and send you to driving school and MAY remove the charge from your record, but you must ask about this.The Cty or State's Attorney's office should be able to help you or direct your inquiry .

only the cop who wrote the ticket can remove it called ticket fixing

I don't believe you can. I have an old Thriller record that i want to remove ssome scratches off of

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it depends where you got your ticket... for example in California, you can take traffic school every 18 months; in Florida 5 times in a lifetime; in New York you can take a Defensive Driving Class every 18 months to reduce points on your record and every 3 years to get 10% insurance reduction (regardless if you have tickets or not).... for more info vist Improv Traffic School at

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