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How do you remove starter on 1998 Ford Contour?


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First and formost, what engine? i4 for a v6?


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i need diagram for a starter a 98 ford contour

The starter relay is located in the power disposition box that is found under the dash on the driver's side of the 1998 Ford Contour. This is not actually a switch, but a type of fuse.

There are several reasons why a 1998 Ford Contour will not start. The car may not start if the battery is dead, the starter may need replaced, or the head gaskets are blown.

How do you install a radiator in a 1998 ford contour?"

you have to go to the car fix to remove it

The keys on the 1998 Ford Contour are NOT chipped

how to remove the vent from dashboard of 1996 ford contour

The battery is the main power supply of the 1998 Ford contour.

Check the drivers manual, it will show you what fuses are for what.

I have a 1998 Ford Contour with 6 cylinders 2.5L and they are 32 mm.

5W-30 ( according to the 1998 Ford Contour Owner Guide )

Remove - battery cable Raise and support vehicle Disconnect wiring at top of starter Remove starter mounting bolts Remove starter

where is egr valve on 1998 ford contour

According to the ( 1998 ) Ford Contour Owner Guide : ( it is 179.4 inches in length )

The starter on a 98 Ford Contour SE is changed by disconnecting the battery, jacking the vehicle up, and removing the starter shield. The retaining bolts and bracket can then be removed, the wires disconnected, and the starter removed.

The Ford Contour was produced from the years 1995 to 2000. The front pump transmission seal in a 1998 Ford Contour is located very close to the camshaft.

For safety reasons remove the positive cable from the 1998 Ford Aerostar battery. Remove the cables from the front of the starter. Remove the starter retaining bolts. Reverse the process to install the new starter.

( No ) the Ford Contour is a front wheel drive vehicle

First remove the neg batt cable. Then remove the wires from the starter, take out the bolts holding the starter and work it out amongst the exhaust. GoodluckJoe Yea, Right.... Wouldn't that be wonderful? I suspect the first answer relates to a 4 cylinder Contour/Mystique! See "Related Questions" below for more of the grisly details on a v6 DOHC starter

find it then remove it from its socket and then put anew one in its place.

it's on the top behind the engine.

Are there any steps on how to change the alternator on a 1198 ford contour?

the starter is located on drivers side remove air cleaner it is near thhe rear of moter

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