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How do you remove static from new carpet?

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New carpets tend to have static because of low humidity. Over time the static will go away. You can help alleviate it by using a humidifier.

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How do you remove sick smell from carpet?

You can either remove your carpet and add a new one, or wash the carpet

How do you remove brown nugget stains on wool carpet?

get new carpet

How do you make homemade lightning?

This is close to lightning: Static Rub foam onto a carpet and then remove the foam sllllllloooowwwwllllllllly. I really mean it; remove it really slow.

Why does static electricity move from you to a metal object after you have walked over new carpet?

because your stupid

How do you remove new nail polish stains from the carpet?

Wash it

What happens when you rub a sock on the carpet?

Static electricity

What materials make static electricity?

Carpet and balloons

Do you have to remove glue before installing carpet?

You may not be able to remove it all, but you at least have to make it totally flat and smooth, or any bumps will be felt under the new carpet.

When walking on a carpet how do you get energy?

You use energy when walking on a carpet. You may pick up a static charge depending on the material of the carpet

Carpet Tiles?

form_title= Carpet Tiles form_header= Cushion your feet with new carpet. Do you need to remove old flooring? What color carpet do you want to install?*= _ [50] What is the square footage of the area?*= _ [50]

How do you clean antifreeze from car carpet?

For a large area, remove the carpet from the vehicle, clean with a good carpet cleaner, allow to dry thoroughly, reinstall carpet. For a small area, clean with a good carpet cleaner and allow to dry thoroughly.

Static friction example?

A balloon and a carpet, or someones head.

What do some jobs that use static electricity?

Carpet cleaners

How do you remove an iron stain on carpets?

Buy a new carpet! Unfortunately that's the only answer

How do you smooth out a ruffled carpet?

can I remove a ruffles in a carpet

How do you remove blackcurrant juice from a carpet?

Tear up the carpet throw it away this will remove the stain

How do you remove pet urine smells from carpet?

carpet cleansers

How much does it cost to remove carpet?

It depends on how big the carpet is.

mold from wool carpet?

remove mold from wool carpet

Can new carpet be glued to existing carpet on stairs?

No. Carpet that is to be glued down must have a clean, smooth and sound surface prior to installation. It is necessary to remove the existing carpet before installing the new. Scrape away any old adhesives best as possible, vacuum, use a premimum adhesive or contact adhesive, and press the new carpet into the adhesive to get a good transfer.

What type of electricity is shuffling your feet across a carpet?

Static electricity.

Can one produce static electricity?

Yes , brushing your hair or walking on a nylon carpet will cause you to generate a static charge.

How can you use the static friction in a sentence?

The static friction that was created from rubbing my socks on the carpet caused me to shock my sister when i poked her.

How does walking across a carpet make static electricity?

when your feet brush across the carpet, its gathering negative or positive particles. that's why you get shocked if you do that and then touch something metal because you're transfering the particles to the metal. Friction with any insulator (such as carpet fibres) can remove electrons from the surface and allow the carpet and the object moving across it to acquire opposite electric charges, building up the static charge. The voltage of the static charge may build to several thousand volts - enough to cause sparks or make your hair stand up on end in some cases.

How do you create static discharge?

In nature, a static discharge will be lightning. you can also create static discharge by rubbing your feet against a carpet and touching the door knob afterwards. You can feel the shock, which is a static discharge!!