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  • Some Remedies include

    1. Steam - take a washcloth or a towel and wet it with very hot water. Use that to warm up the area where the blackhead(s) are. Doing this will open up your pores, making it easier to remove the blackhead. Be gentle, use a blackhead removing tool if possible, and if not, wash your hands really well before and after you 'pop' the blackhead.

    2. Vinegar with Corn Flour - make a thick paste of vinegar with corn flour; apply it to the affected area for some time till it dries out. As you remove it while very gentle rubbing, it will remove blackheads along with dirt and oil.

    3. Coconut water - make a granulated paste of coconut water with sugar and use like a scrub over infected area. This helps to remove the active lesions and clear skin.

    4. Simply Wet Skin - after washing your face do not wipe off your nose and rub it with your finger tips. This will help in removing blackheads.

    Masks For Blackhead Skin

    1. Corn Flour Mask - prepare a mixture of corn flour with egg white and apply on face. Let it dry completely for 1/2 hour. Dip your hands in warm water and massage your face and wash off. This when repeated regularly gives you a smooth skin.

    2. Clay Mask - if you use one regularly, it helps pull out trapped oil and dead skin. To make your own mask, take:

    1 tablespoon Fullers earth

    1 Egg yolk

    1/4 mashed Avocado

    Some Witch hazel

    Mix all ingredients well and then apply on the face. Leave it till it dry. It is best for oily skin. Fuller's earth dries excess sebum while egg yolk and avocado replenish lost moisture, while witch hazel tones the skin.

    3. Orange Peel Mask - another cheap and easily available home remedy. You can easily get dried orange peels or orange peel powder from market or alternatively you may dry some at home. Grind them to make fine powder. Mix about 2 tablespoons of this powder with some yoghurt to make a thick paste. Apply all over the face, while gently rubbing in circular motions. Wash off with cold water. This is an excellent way to extract oil and dirt from clogged pores and keep the skin clean and healthy.

  • It is possible to remove blackheads, and what ever you do - don't pick at them. You can cause scarring, inflammation and aggravate the problem. They are a non inflammatory acne but, with proper Skin Care you can be rid of those unwanted blackheads for good.
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Q: How do you remove stubborn blackheads from your face?
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How do you remove blackheads from the face?

by poping it. or can yuh say "proactiv". -_-

How do you clear black head below the lip?

To remove blackheads from around the lips, it is helpful to exfoliate the skin. Some people also suggest rubbing honey on your face, to clean out the blackheads.

How do you remove dark scars in the face?

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What can you do to remove black spots from the facecaused by pimples?

You mean blackheads? not sure..There are some face washes for getting rid of them...

How do you cure blackheads?

Wash your face!

What are some ways one can remove blackheads?

There are a few different ways a person may remove blackheads. For instance, a person may purchase products which remove blackheads, such as Revlon's Blackhead Remover. Other ways to remove blackheads include facial scrubs, astringents, and using egg whites.

How do you remove dark scars cause by pimples on your face?

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What are the small black dots on your face?


What natural solution to remove acne dark spot in the face?

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What causes hole in a teenagers face with acne?


How can i get rid of blackheads?

Egg whites do form an easy mask which can be used to temporarily tighten the pores, hence reducing chances of future blackheads, and will also remove the current blackheads.

Can the tanda zap remove blackheads?

The blue light does reduce the appearance but not remove them.

What is the best way to remove blackheads?

Elmer's Glue

How can you get rid of all the blackheads on your face?

Acne and Blackhead medicine.

Can you remove blackheads with Elmer's glue?

No, you may make it worse.

What are some tips for blackhead removal?

To remove blackheads, one should sit their face over a bowl of warm water to open the pores to make them easier to remove. They should then be gently squeezed and the area cleaned.

Where can I find out how to get rid of blackheads?

Hacks to take them off your skin: Use a comedo suction - Technology understands your grievance and has come up with a painless removal tool for stubborn blackheads. On running the comedo suction device on the blackhead area of your skin, all the solidified dirt in the form of blackheads gets thoroughly room from the pores, leaving behind skin free from blackheads. Soften your skin with steam - Since blackheads are dried settlements of oil and dirt, you need to make your skin and even the accumulation moist to remove them out of your skin. Have a good steam session at home. Steam moistens the skin and makes it easy for all the accumulation to come off your skin. This is another way to remove stubborn blackheads. Use a good scrub - Scrubbing face with a good scrubbing foam may prevent blackheads even before they seep in and solidify in your skin pores. Scrubbing every day is again bad for your skin, but you can have a good scrubbing session thrice a week or when you feel that your skin has encountered a lot of pollution in the day. Apply an egg white mask - The egg whites have the ability to tighten your skin pores by pulling off all the blackhead residues from them. They make your skin tight and smooth. You can use the egg white mask once every two days for amazing results. All you would have to do is separate the egg white from the yoke and take it in a bowl. Whip it well until it becomes foamy and evenly apply it over the face. Allow it to dry and you can see amazing results within days.

What is best method for the removal of blackheads?

The best offense against blackheads is a good defense. Make sure to wash your face daily and keep it moisturized.

Is pores blackheads?

Pores is not blackheads. There are actually two different way in curing both pores and blackheads. You can try out b.liv's "off with those heads" (blackheads sebum gel). It can help you to remove the blackheads within 14 days. As for the pores, you can try out b.liv shrink and tighten to reduce the amount of pores and tighten the pores.

What do you use to clear blackheads on your face?

Blackheads can be removed by steaming, exfoliating, using blackhead removal strip and applying honey, cucumber juice and lemon juice.

How do you get rid blackheads?

Wash your face regularly. Don't eat greasy foods. Exfoliate and heat your face when you wash.

What causes pimples and blackheads?

Oily Faces. You have to WASH YOUR FACE!!

Where can one find a blackhead removal tool?

There are many ways for one to remove blackheads. Biore is a brand of facial cleaner that has pore strips. One wets their nose and then puts the strip on their nose and leaves it there for about 10-15 minutes. When one pulls the strip off, the blackheads have been removed. There are also face cleaning washes from brands like St. Ives or Clearasil that are known for removing blackheads.

What is the fastest way to get rid of blackheads?

i dont know whether its the fastest but its FAST! first steam your face (if you can if not it'll only be a couple of days longer with blackheads then cut a tomato in two and rub it into your blackheads. do this everyday.

Is being stubborn a quality?

No. Stubborn means that you hold your position in the face of reason. That would never be a quality.