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The right answer is to go to autozone and rent,,, Yes I said rent the right wrench set that is flat and is carried at all autozones. When you are finished using it, just return it back to Autozone for a full refund. Yup that is how their rental works. It becomes free.

usally with a 1&1/2 " wrench,but some are left hand thread - but some need a blunt chizel 2 tap on the edge of the nut.& a LARGE pair of channel locks.

I have the same problem I Knew the nut turns counter clockwise. How do you hold the Fan Pulley to break the nut loose? Is there a special tool? where can i get one? I tried reinstalling the serpentine belt an add pressure to the belt to hold the pulley to break the nut. this did not work.

I watched the mechanic change the water pump on my 94 jgc and he use a special spanner for the nut and to hold the mount under the pully (pulley may be held on this bracket with 4 bolts or may be moulded to the shaft). The new pump had the pulley mounted to the shaft so he use a very large channel lock, but I dont wee why you can't use a chain or strap wrench around the pulley to hold it. just be careful not to put too much pressure on it and mar the surface or put it out of round. PS the repair including a new delco pump only cost me $300 CAD so shop around and you may find it is not worth the aggravation of doing it yourself

it can be done by using the correct (need not be exact) sized open end wrench and a section of pipe (or other solid object). with the wrench on the fan nut, strike the end of the wrench in the direction that you want to turn. combined with the force of the serpentine belt wrapped around the pulley and the tensioner, there will be an impact effect on the nut and the nut will break free -- without damaging the belt. it should only take 4-5 really good hits. use the same method for tightening.

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Q: How do you remove the 1 and a half nut holding the clutch fan onto the pulley on a 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee V8?
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How do you remove the AC pulley from a '95 Jeep Cherokee?

remove the bolt in the center with a 10mm,pry out the outer piece of the clutch,remove the snap ring from behind it and the pulley will slide off with some prying and soft hammering. its pretty easy.

How do remove the fan clutch on a 93 5.8L ford?

remove the bolts holding it to the water pump pulley, then wiggle the fan out under neath the radiator hose ( or take it off if you like) there will be 4 bolts on the front of the fan holding on the fan clutch. good luck!

How do you replace the air conditioner clutch on a 2006 F350?

You will a lot of special tools as well.. Remove the A/C compressor Remove the A/C clutch disc and hub retaining bolt. Remove the bolt. Remove the A/C clutch disc and hub spacers. Remove the pulley snap ring. Remove the A/C clutch pulley. Remove the A/C clutch field coil.

How do you replace the clutch on the ac compressor on a 1999 mercury villager?

generally u dont replace clutch as it is more prudent to just get a used compressor from junk yard. you will need a pair of snap ring pliers. 1. remove nut on compressor shaft and remove clutch plate. 2. remove snap ring holding pulley on compressor. 3. use two screwdrivers on opposite sides of pulley to help slide off pulley.

How do you replace the idler pulley on a 1997 dodge caravan?

Remove the belt, then remove the bolt holding in the idler pulley.

How do you remove damper pulley on 91 Saturn SL?

Just remove the bolt holding it on.

How do you change the AC clutch pulley on a 1997 Grand Cherokee 4.0?

According to the Service manual for that year you need to remove the compressor shaft bolt. A band-type oil filter wrench may be used to hold the assembly still. Once the bolt is removed, tap the clutch plate with a plastic or non-metal hammer to disloodge the plate from the splines on the compressor shaft. Now you should see the pulley. There is a snap-ring holding it on. Use a pair of straight-tip pliers to remove the ring. The pulley should be able to come off at this point.

How do you replace the fan clutch on a 1999 Tahoe?

Remove the fan belt, by loosening the tensioner pulley. Remove the fan clutch with the retaining bolts. Reverse the process to install the new fan clutch.

How do remove a 1996 Chrysler damper pulley?

Depending on engine displacement in general remove belt-s then bolt holding pulley to the crankshaft then using a puller remove the pulley, when installing use a installer not a hammer to put the pulley on the crankshaft.

How do you remove a maximum speed reduction collar installed in the drivetrain system from the factory on a 2007 KFX 90 4 wheeler?

On the left side of 4 wheeler, remove the kick starter. Remove the for bolts holding the floorboard on. Next remove the combination of bolts and push pins holding the side body cover fairings on. You will now unbolt the black metal clutch cover. Once removed, you will see a front pulley belt set up and a rear clutch set up. Remover the 17 mm nut on the FRONT pulley using an impact gun. Without an impact, you will need to hold the the pulley to keep it from turning as you remove the pulley. Be careful not to break the fins on the pulley if you do not use an impact. Once the bolt is off, slide the pulley off and there will be the wide limiting collar on the shaft. Remove the collar and reinstall the pulley, and above parts in reverse order.

How to remove belt pulley?

depending on the pulley, you must remove the belt and the bolts holding the pulley in place. some cars have pulleys that are harder to remove and have what is called a torx nut. this requires a special socket. it is easy to remove a pulley if you start with the belt on so it doesnt move

How do you replace air conditioning clutch on 2002 Oldsmobile Intrigue?

go to Get clutch remover and installer. Get feeler gauge. Remove serpentine belt with 1/2" breaker bar. Measure air gap in clutch. Remove shaft nut. Remove clutch with remover. Remove outer snap ring. Remove pulley with pry bars or remover. Remove clutch coil with pry bars or remover. Replace new coil and pulley. Replace snap ring. Replace clutch, maintaining air gap. Reinstall nut. Reinstall belt.

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